Dyestress and Daler Rowney


Day before yesterday I showed you some new colors in the Dyestress Blendable Ink line and we made a few tiles. Today I want to show you one more, then move on to the Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks.

I am using YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle. At 3.5″ square they are the perfect size for experimenting and for tangling small pieces of art. I am a tangle and mixed media artist – a self-proclaimed Artangleologist – so this size is perfect for me. Here I used the colors Moss and Bumble Bee and just circled them on with my blending tool. The Dyestress colors go on really smooth with these Hahnemühle tiles. The circular motion allows better mixing, coverage and blendability.

Although I loved the colors, I thought it could use a little pop to make this tile complete. Tahiti to the rescue.

I stamped some color onto the craft mat, spritzed it with water and picked color up on my fan brush. I tapped the brush against another brush over the top of the tile and made some splatter effect. Nice but I wanted more splatter in other colors.

I hadn’t used the Daler Rowney colors in awhile, so I pulled out some fluorescent colors. Insert big time smiley face right here!

Sorry for the blur. I’m just testing your eyes. Wink! One drop of the fluorescent orange and some water makes the perfect amount for my fan brush.

Just look at that pretty orange. Kind of diluted in color but that’s ok, this is a learning experiment. One thing about the Hahnemühle tiles that you can really see in this photo – see the way the wet puffs up the paper to sit above the surface? Don’t worry about that. When the tile is dry, the surface is flat again. Not a problem at all.

I enjoyed that so much, I took the fluorescent blue and made a puddle with water on the mat and just placed this tile face down into it. When I say ‘face down’ I just mean to pick a side. These tiles are the same on both sides.

I liked those orange splatters, so I added some to this blue tile. Orange and blue. I can hear some Gator fans doing the orange and blue cheer in the background.

Up to this point I had been adding water to the ink. I wondered how well it would work if I skipped the water and just flicked on the ink.

It actually worked very well. And you know pink is the best color to experiment with anyway. I did this a couple times since it worked so well.

I had one more tile pulled out to work with. And some pink left on the mat. And a fan brush. Hahahaha! So I just dragged the pink filled brush across the tile and it made some really cool texture-y design. So I did the same with the green.

And some fluorescent orange. Building layers of color.

I also added some yellow. I really like this tile a lot! So I stopped before I was able to mess it up. It happens. So all that’s left is to show you how these three tiles look dry.

If I had to pick a favorite, I don’t think I could. I love the way all three turned out. You will be seeing these tiles pop up again during The 100 Day Project. Chances are you won’t recognize them though because they will be covered in tangles. Hopefully. Hahahahaha! That is the sound of me going OH NOOOOOO!!!! when I think about The 100 Day Project.

And speaking of The 100 Day Project, I will be using these YouTangle.art Tiles from Hahnemühle every day during the event. Courtesy of Hahnemühle and Carol Boss. Although I do product reviews for them, for which they provide me the product to review – all the thoughts and opinions and results are my own. These tiles are a win/win all around. I can’t wait to get started on the project. Although I will probably be ready to quit around day 35 or so.

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12 thoughts on “Dyestress and Daler Rowney

    • excellent! I love these tiles, they have a little bounce to them when you draw

  1. Ah the #100dayproject (she curses herself for commiting). I’ll be doing it, but it – like last year – will not be a perfect 100 days.

    Now to bring out the color!

    • I know. I don’t even want to start it. Hahahaha! I was so glad when it was over last year.

    • it did me, too, the first time I saw it. but it really does settle back down. I think it’s because the paper has some plump to it, some give.

  2. It’s the green & yellow one that I like best of all these. It’s the way those splatters work with the solid colour. Take care with trying to keep up with the 100 Day Project ….
    some things just are not possible.

    • I will. we have a neurosurgeon appointment tomorrow – finally – we may actually start getting some answers and some solutions

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