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Does the name Dina Wakley make you smile? It does me! I equate Dina with color, paint, fun, bright, bold and beautiful! And when I saw she had just released six new acrylic colors I ran straight to Joggles to see. Maybe I should say I jogged to Joggles? Hahahahaha!

Actually I will tell you I was a little disappointed when I saw the new color selection. Pastel, pastel and yet more pastel. So not in my color wheel. But I saw that I didn’t have all the colors that were available – silly me! – so I bought a couple others since I was already at the website. New colors – aloe, apricot, carnation, heather, mineral (ick) and sand (also ick.) The only new color I got was carnation. It is that pretty soft pink on the left. I also grabbed eggplant, peacock, magenta, ruby and black. Black??? Yep. Oh well. I wanted to roll them on some paper so I could see the pretty colors! And I wanted to see how brayering in my Report & Art Book would work. In this post when I tried the Arteza gouache colors in the R&A Book they went down rough. I was hoping this would work better and it did!

For my experiment I pulled out a pad of Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed Watercolor paper and my book. I started on the pad and put down a dollop (hehehehe!) of peacock.

Which I proceeded to brayer back and forth. I also added another bit of peacock and did the same thing there. The roll-off or leftover paint on the brayer went . . .

. . . straight into my Report & Art Book. If you look at this page you see a phenomenon called I Did Not Clean My Brayer Very Well. Hahahaha! I crack me up! I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen before. I never clean the brayer – I don’t even know how. I just roll it over an extra piece of paper and make pretty color until all the pretty coloring stops. This bit of pink or purple is going to be some of that Aretza gouache color. And that had me a bit concerned because of the rough texture I got with the Arteza a few days before.

I even got some of it on the Harmony piece of paper as I continued to add more peacock.

I added in some magenta which is a really nice shade of pink. Kind of medium range, not too over the top and not too light. This is roll-off in my book.

Here it is on the Harmony pad of hot pressed paper. It was getting a little dark, though. I’d like to be able to tangle on this at some point.

So I went over the whole thing with some of the carnation – a much lighter pink. And I added some eggplant because why not.

Here are my two book pages where I was brayering the left over paint. Don’t waste product that is already paid for. Make it be something you can use later. I love how the larger watercolor paper and the book have the same colors. The only difference is this one has lighter, softer colors. The larger paper is more in your face which I also like.

Larger shots of the Report & Art Book pages. These colors went down so soft and smooth! Not at all like the Arteza gouache ones did. In fact I’ve already started tangling this last page with one of my fountain pens and it is working great! Hopefully I will be able to show you that soon. My experiment answered the question of smoothness. So the roughness I got with the gouache had nothing to do with the paper or the brayer, it is all because of the gouache. Some element of the gouache and the layers. I guess. I just know these Dina Wakley acrylic paints worked super duper! So did the Hahnemühle Harmony Hot Pressed Watercolor paper and the Report & Art Book! Both are smooth and ready to tangle!

It’s Sunday when I’m actually typing this post. My left wrist is giving me some issues with pain, so I will be taking it easy the rest of the day. Before I go though, I would like to leave you with some links. Have a great week!

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Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints

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8 thoughts on “Dina Wakley Acrylic Paint

  1. Take care of that wrist. A white Gelly Roll perhaps on the dark parts?? (any non tangler will think this some kind of weird cake….. recipe……. perhaps). Your posts are definitely a spark for my imagination …….. I too like the way you have a bright bold version & then a softer muted version with the ‘waste’ paint to work with. It will be interesting to see what you come up with. Don’t like the sound of the gouache whatsoever with that tacky roughness – mind your micron tips.

    • I’m thinking about painting over that rough texture and making flowers or something. no microns will be destroyed. and yes, I like the softer version. I’ve already started tangling and I know you know what tangle I went to first. hahahaha! yep! that one!

  2. YOU, ALICE HENDON ARE THE ‘QUEEN OF VIBRANT COLOR’, GREAT COLORS! I was telling my Sis, about that and how you create beautiful tangles to go with the colors!

    • aw! you made me smile real big! thank you! I’m glad my colors make you happy and thanks for sharing with your sis. <3

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