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You’ve read my posts about the ATC swaps I’ve been doing in FB’s group ATC Trades and Jams. Someone asked if I would show you what I have been receiving in return. So here they are!

The first swap I did was for the Letter O. I made and sent two ATCs to Beth Broadway, and these are the ones she sent to me. So many ‘O’ things on each of them. I think I love the backgrounds as much as the creations! And that origami piece is pretty spectacular! That’s a wooden coin on the left. Love them both!

Letter D was next. These were made by Pamela Wilbur. Love those dragonflies! The background paper is shimmery and almost iridescent. And who wouldn’t love that sweet little dog with the big beautiful eyes? She gave a lot of attention to detail and I love them both!

My next swap was for the Letter S. And again my swap partner was Pamela Wilbur. Santa and team have the same kind of eyes and I think it makes them cool-er! That space guy and space theme was pretty out of this world! For sure! Love them both!

Then came the Letter C swap. My original partner for this one sent me ATCs, but they got misdelivered by the post office. I hope someone is enjoying them. When the group admins heard what had happened, one of the admins – Jennifer Marker – made these C ATCs for me and sent them. Love that her color is pink, like mine! Hahaha! She was such a sweetheart to do this for me. I did not expect it at all. They really take care of you in ATC Trades and Jams. I really like those pink beads and the ribbon and the cat and the punches and the stripes. Well, you get the idea. I love them both!

I just got partner names for two more swaps. Beth Broadway and I will be trading for the steampunk swap. That is awesome news! I was hoping we would get matched up. And I will be meeting a new friend for the Black and White Image swap. I’ll show you their artwork once I receive it. Yay!!!!! Want to check it all out? Here is a link to ATC Trades and Jams! You will be glad you did!

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10 thoughts on “ATCs I Received

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! These are all lovely swaps and you are so blessed to be in these groups! I look forward to the time I can play like this! Full time job, homeschooling and two teenagers, keeps me busy right now. I so appreciate your time into this and the website. I am living my art through you right now. Many thanks and hugs!

    • kris, I didn’t know you home schooled. we home schooled our youngest daughter for 12 years. I started art after she graduated so I would have something to keep me busy. your time will come. right now you are investing in your kids. and that is more important.

      • We do art as much as they will let me in school, and I have loved the time with them, but I am also looking forward to my time. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I don’t do the jams but my understanding is this. one person starts 3 identical ATCs. they make the bottom layer and maybe add a little something. a word, a ribbon, some kind of embellishment. then they send all 3 ATCs to the middle person who adds some more to all 3 ATCs. then they are sent on to the 3rd person who finishes the ATCs and sends a completed one to each of the other two people. so all 3 end up with mostly identical ATCs that all 3 participated in. I think Jams stands for ‘just add more’ but I could be wrong. I don’t have time for that so I just do the occasional swap.

  2. You scored big time with some amazing ATCs. Too bad about the ones that were lost, and shame on the people who got them and didn’t re-direct them!

  3. Fascinating seeing how each person interprets the idea isn’t it? Thanks for explaining the ‘jam’ – I’d no idea about that.

    • The swaps are fun and you never know what you are going to receive In return. Always fun opening up the envelope.

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