4 Corner Tile Swap


About six years ago I got my first start in art with Zentangle. I found it on Pinterest. The art of tangling. Basic black ink on white papers known as tiles. Using patterns that follow specific steps that you repeat one line at a time. Over the course of time I pulled in color and now I enjoy making color more than I enjoy tangling, but I do still try to keep up with both. A friend is hosting what she calls a 4 Corner Tile Swap and I am participating. You use four 3.5″ tiles. I flipped mine over and taped them together to make it easier to pencil draw my circles. Tiles must be tangled with black ink. That is all the rules. Easy peasy. Doesn’t matter if the inner circles match up or not. In the end, I will get one of my corners back and corners from three other people. And everyone does their inner circles different. I did this swap once before and it was so much fun! Mine are in the mail already. If you are interested in participating, let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction. We have approximately a month to get them to the right person, so there is time. The fun comes in deciding what tangle patterns to use.

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12 thoughts on “4 Corner Tile Swap

  1. It will be so interesting seeing what you get to complete your circle……. Your top right has a steampunk flavour, bottom right is a basket of flowers, top left is a fishing net in the sea & bottom left is iron work railings with vegetation (Printemps & Stiritup??).

    • printemps, amaze, Rubin and stack – in that lower left section. I love your interpretation <3

  2. wonderful idea, and you did wonderful tangles, who ever gets them is lucky. Enjoy your day.

    • thanks, Joan, this is fun. you have the opportunity to collect a piece of art from three other artists. something to look forward to 🙂

  3. What a fun swap! Karen Izzy orchestrated a 4-corners swap at TangleU 2017. I loved it! I do have a comment, though: You said the rules stated, “The outer circle should not extend past the mid point on the sides of the tiles …” but all of yours do. I think if that outer circle truly did stop at the mid-point on each side, it would be quite small. Karen’s instructions were: “The tangling should begin in one corner and not pass the center of the tile.” That did give us sufficient room to create several rounds. In any case, I would love to participate! Please point me in the right direction. 🙂

    • maybe I need to reword that then, I have had several people ask me to explain further because they didn’t understand Karen’s instructions. I’ll figure it out. and here are the instructions that Karen gave us, just follow these and you will have it:
      This is a mindful swap based on traditional Zentangle. You must use black ink (no color) and use 3.5″ Zentangle tiles if you have them OR you can cut your own tiles, but they have to be white and they have to be 3.5″ square.
      * Create and tangle FOUR (4) tiles in a mandala style. (I will attach an example.) The tangle should begin in one corner and not pass the center of the tile.
      * Use shading but not color.
      * The tiles should be created individually.
      * You will receive one of your own back, plus three tiles created by someone else.
      * This swap is open to anyone who practices traditional Zentangle.
      * Be sure to write your name and email on the back of each tile.
      * You must include a self addressed stamped envelope with each set of 4 tiles.
      * Enter as many sets of 4 as you wish.
      Mail the 4 Corner Swap tiles and self addressed stamped envelope to:
      Karen Izzi, PhD
      101 Glendale Road
      Exton, PA USA
      19341 (zipcode)
      BEFORE April 20, 2019

    • hahaha! thank you so much! they were so much fun I’m thinking about doing more

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