2 Hahnemühle Birds With 1 Arteza Stone


Cliché, is it not? That whole title thing? But so true. Today’s post shows the use of two very different Hahnemühle products with a new-to-me product from Arteza. Here we go.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this photo a few days ago. Arteza is an art company that is growing by leaps and bounds. They are affordable, they are on Amazon, you can even buy direct. Recently I ordered a set of their gouache colors. Never heard of gouache? Don’t know how to say gouache? I was taught you pronounce it thus: goo-wash. Like giving the goop a bath. Yep! Never a dull moment here, folks! Hahahaha! I had never used gouache before and felt like it was about time. I began by swatching every tube in my color book. I wrote about this book in this post.

For today’s project, I knew I wanted to work on a piece of Hahnemühle’s Harmony Cold Pressed paper. My plan was to use the Arteza gouache colors and brayer them onto the Harmony paper. Whenever I brayer, I use another piece of paper to collect the roll-off, the leftover paint on the brayer. Waste not, want not. And I have no idea what that means – it just sounded appropriate. This leftover color is already paid for and should not go in the trash, so I roll it onto another piece of paper to use later. The first thing that came to mind was my Report & Art Book, also from Hahnemühle. In this shot you can see the four colors I began with and my tiny little two inch wide brayer.

Getting started is easy, just squish out a dab of paint directly onto the paper. Here I am working on the Harmony.

And brayer it back and forth and all around. Easy peasy. Anyone can make a background like this. I promise! Ignore that little cat fur – Studio Assistant Aurora has been working hard this week.

Here is my Report & Art Book. I put a craft sheet behind each page – left and right – to protect the rest of the book. I don’t always remember to do this and I usually wish I had. Remember this is leftover paint, so you don’t get a load of coverage.

Think in layers and add colors one at a time. Using the brayer method doesn’t really create a lot of mud. And one nice thing about brayering is the color dries fairly quickly. Which helps with the no mud idea.

So this A165 Peach Red color is intense. Hahaha! Hot pink on steroids! I do love it but I had maybe too much at this point. Have I ever said that about pink???

So I toned it down with some yellow, some lighter blue and some light purple over the top. I was just grabbing pretty colors and rolling away. This is my finished page on the Harmony Cold Pressed paper. And I do love it! I think I am going to use a fountain pen and draw something awesome! Hahaha! Hopefully!

Along the way I kept brayering the roll off into the Report & Art Book. It is so pretty!

It turned out so awesome! Let me show you the two pages in huge format. Hahahaha!

Don’t you love them? I want to make an observation here and it is a strange one to me. Maybe not to you but it is to me. Look back up at the completed Harmony page. Cold pressed paper has a lot of texture to it. If you look at the photo of the completed Harmony piece with all the major pinkness, you see lots of texture. But when I rub my hand over the page it feels smooth. Weird. All I can think is that the brayer must force the paint to fill in the textured areas, but it still looks textured. So the fact that it feels smooth is strange. But look at these last two photos of the Report & Art Book. It is a smooth mixed media paper with absolutely no texture at all. But after I rolled the leftover paint onto these pages they are so textured up I don’t think my pens will work on them. Rough. I took a paper towel and rubbed the stew out of these pages trying to smooth them and they are better. I don’t know what it is about the gouache that caused this. I am hoping Sandra or Jennifer will be able to explain it to me. It isn’t the paper so it is clearly the gouache. But it feels like roughly textured cold pressed paper now. Not sure what I will do on these two pages, but I will be making some kind of art on these two this week. Open to ideas. Hahaha!

The Arteza gouache colors are beautiful! I had read that gouache changes colors as it dries. I did not notice that in this one piece. I also didn’t notice that when I made my swatch pages either, but don’t hold me to that. And I love the colors so much I just bought their watercolor paint set also. The Hahnemühle papers? They worked wonderfully. Of course! I can’t wait to make some kind of art on these – I just need to decide what! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Arteza Gouache
2″ Speedball Brayer

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15 thoughts on “2 Hahnemühle Birds With 1 Arteza Stone

  1. I’m not sure why you got the texture on the Report & Art. Gouache traditionally has a smooth surface. Since you were brayering small amounts of paint, it could be gaps were left. As you kept brayering some was worked into the paper and some wasn’t. If it had been rough on both papers, I would have suspected the gouache itself had varying sized particles, like granulating watercolor).

    • it is strange and that might be the reason – the various layers causing the texture. I was able to buff some of the roughness out, haven’t tried drawing on it yet

  2. Beautiful and helpful observations. Will look into the brand of supplies. Thanks for a fun column.

  3. Hmm – haven’t ventured into gouache since I was in my teens (VERY long ago). I seem to remember it being quite ‘tacky’ to work with, even when diluted with water. It will be interesting to see what people experienced in using this medium have to say, isn’t that the beauty of the reach/interaction with blogging & social media?

    • it is indeed. I just used it straight out of the tube, didn’t dilute it at all. I may try that next 🙂

  4. Alice, I love the colors. I keep seeing Arteza products everywhere so may have to indulge myself (giggle).
    It was suggested to me that gouache rhymes with “squash.” Love it all!

    • goo-wash squash – they sound much alike. hahahahaha! I don’t know which is right. maybe the ‘goo’ part cause I’m from the south? seriously, I am very happy with all things arteza thus far

  5. Love Arteza – haven’t tried goo-wash yet!
    I must say – I was a bit worried that you might be ill when you stated that it was “too much” pink!!! That is just not like you!

  6. I spotted some Arteza watercolour paper on Amazon today and it has mixed reviews (but then again it’s hard to find anything that someone isn’t critical of!). I thought before I risked it I’d check in with someone who seems to test a fair bit of product… have you tried any? know anyone who has?

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