Watercolor Art With no Ink Lines


Hahaha! Yes, I realize that grab-your-attention photo is not a watercolor. I’ll get to that in a minute. But first, watercolor flowers 🙂 .

If you remember from yesterday, I am working with watercolor this month in Joanne Sharpe‘s online class 2019 Artfully Inspired Life. For this particular lesson we are learning how to paint without using ink lines from our fountain pens. And no pencil lines because those can’t always be erased once you color over them. The thought is that these particular lines will fade into the background as we paint. You can see from my practice chart above that some of them did and some of them did not. And you will also see that I forgot to check one of them. >.<

Here is my work setup. Although I don’t actually work with the palette sitting in my journal. It would be my luck to turn the whole thing over. I do seriously love this little palette I purchased on Amazon. I’ll try to find it and add a link at the end of the post. It came with all 40 of the little half pans and I filled them from the various tubes of watercolor I already had. I used a fine-tip Sharpie and wrote the brand and name of the color on each pan before I put the color in. That way I can refill them as I need to. This, a brush and a jar of water is all I need to paint.

This is my absolute favorite part of this entire lesson. I love the way this one flower looks. <3

My completed page. That bottom left section is darker here than it really is. I’m guessing those duo chrome paints from Daniel Smith don’t photograph well. But they sure are pretty. I do believe the greenish-blue flower in the lower right is my second favorite.

I made a little collage to show you some of the details. Apparently I must like that yellow-gold flower third best. Hahaha! The point of this lesson was to use an alternate method to a black pen to set up our art. Have to say I really miss the black pen. I do like the way this looks, but I like the definition I can get with the black fountain pen more. I do realize it is good to know and understand both methods.

Back to this picture. This is Studio Assistant Aurora asleep on the job. I think she wore herself out watching it snowing out the window and wondering if her little bird friends were alright. So I just let her sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

2019 Artfully Inspired Life
Watercolor Tin

6 thoughts on “Watercolor Art With no Ink Lines

  1. you are so tempting me Alice I am already doing classes with Willowing Arts life book 19 and Pavi’s insect and bird classes..was not tempted by the acrylics but you sure do have my attention now. Also off topics the artist who does the Mandellas (spelt wrong ) could you send me her name My brain has shut down on me. Now off to check out this class again Elaine

    • hi, Elaine, I think the lady you want is Genevieve Crabe. She’s the only one that comes to mind

    • these flowers are fun. I didn’t really think I could do them, but I’m happy with the results. and doing more 🙂

  2. I can see why that pink flower is your favourite – & also understand your reaction to the no-lines bit. Maybe it’s something that as tanglers we’re just used to black ink. Looks like you learnt heaps with these lessons. Aurora looks ever so comfortable. She’s really getting fluffy now too, maybe that’s because she’s decided she needs a protective thick winter coat in Maine??……. whereas in Florida it was warm; never thought of that before, wonder what she made of the move………. though still being fed & loved & being studio assistant she might not have given it any thought at all.

    • Aurora likes to watch it snow – she sits in the kitchen window for hours and watches. she also likes to watch the little birds at the feeder. she seems really at home here in the north

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