The Snow Has Stopped


Finally, it has stopped snowing. Yesterday was a beautiful day – as long as you love snow and didn’t need to get anywhere.

I actually shot this photo yesterday morning when we woke up. This is one of the pictures I’m repeating throughout the winter to gage the snow amount. That’s the old snow plow truck under that pile to the left and Mark’s tractor to the right. They are sitting in the middle of the back yard and I am standing up on the third level of the house. The yearly average snowfall for our location in Maine is 90 inches. We are already almost 50 inches ahead of that and we still have a good solid month of snow season left, possibly more. Thankfully we have had two good days of rain and warmer temps that melted a good bit of it, unfortunately turning the yard into solid ice in between snowfalls.

And if you know us, we did manage to get out of the house to look around a bit. Of course, Mark was busy snowplowing for a good bit of the day. In this shot I was standing on the porch – because the snow was too deep off the end of the porch – and looking straight down our front deck. What you can’t see from this picture? This porch is on the second level. It does not sit on the ground. So that snow you see is actually taller than parts of the second level of our house. The Baby dragon is glad to be rescued and out of harm’s way.

Late in the day we managed to get out for awhile. Mainly because we needed windshield wipers for the plow truck. It was a busy, icy day in the plow truck. This is one of the barns that shows up in my photos from time to time. I can’t believe it is still standing.

That is a stream that is almost totally iced over and covered in snow. When the snows melt and the water levels are high, there will be a kayak race on this stream which will pass right under this bridge and end shortly after. We saw parts of it two years ago and it was crazy. They didn’t hold it last year because the water was too fast and dangerous.

Yesterday’s shot compared to this morning’s shot. You can see in today’s photo that Mark was able to snowplow around back yesterday. And hopefully you can see that today is bright and beautiful. And it is all God. Both days. Have a wonderful day from beautiful Maine! God’s land.

12 thoughts on “The Snow Has Stopped

  1. Oh my gosh‼️?☃️?
    I can’t imagine being out in that. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking,,, as I sit here in warm Louisiana?. Thank you for this post. My husband and I looove spending days in Maine (in the Fall). You have a beautiful state!!!

    • Maine is indeed beautiful – in the spring and summer we take the 4-wheelers out every Sunday and just ride for 3 or 4 hours. gawking at the scenery

  2. Holy Snomageddon, Batman. I’ll send the sled dogs to dig you out! Stay safe, my friend.

  3. Just glad you’re safe & you sound so happy where you are, snow & all. Looks like Mark did an amazing job getting that plough about.

    • it’s been a rough winter. more snow than normal and we are still getting used to it. but it is beautiful

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