Loose Flowing Florals


I am learning something new and having so much fun!

These little free-flowing flowers are so much fun to draw! I am using an Eco TWSBI fountain pen which I have never used to tangle with before. Joanne is really getting me to stretch and try new things in her class 2019 Artfully Inspired Life. I purchased my TWSBI from Goulet Pens and like it so much I’m thinking about getting two more. I’ve tried other fountain pens to do boring things like writing and they usually dry up and I can never figure out how to get them working again. The little cartridges are a pain to get seated correctly and I end up throwing them in a drawer. Seriously. I should have taken a photo of those. Fountain Pen Death Row. Because it’s a thing.

The Eco TWSBI is awesome because it doesn’t use cartridges. It has a piston filling system that was so easy to do. Think syringe. When the pen arrived there was no ink in it. I had purchased a bottle of ink, so I knew it wouldn’t be loaded but I had forgotten. It seriously was as easy as pointing the nib down into the ink bottle and pulling the plunger up until the barrel was almost filled with ink. Instructions said not to fill it all the way or I would have leaks. So not about the leaks, so I did what I was told to do.

Now I want pink and teal inks, which means I need two more pens. May not happen anytime soon, but I have a goal in mind.

I have this really big pad of Canson Watercolor paper. The pages are 18″x 24″. I used a sheet last week underneath my easel as I was doing some drip and run inks on a canvas. The color you see on this sheet above is what dripped off the easel and I smoothed around the page with my fingers. I grabbed it last night to practice some flowers. I will be using it again later today to add some pink and purple drips and runs and inky mess that I can add to this color. I can’t wait!

If you are looking for perfection – you aren’t going to find it in my florals. The style I’m learning is all about loosey-goosey and free-flowing. Going over the lines more than once and I can do that. Nothing is perfect which works for me, because I’m not perfect either. Hahaha! And I can totally relate to that! When I get that additional color added, I will show you another picture. Until then – go tangle something or try your hand at loosey-goosey florals. You will love it!

Eco TWSBI Fountain Pen
deAtramentis Document Ink Black
18″ x 24″ Canson Watercolor Pad
2019 Artfully Inspired Life Online Class
Tangle All Around, my Facebook group where we tangle all week long

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10 thoughts on “Loose Flowing Florals

  1. I can see you’re thoroughly enjoying these – interesting flowers & a very different thing from tangling yet with similar elements it looks like in places. Fascinating to see what you’re doing with this. You’ve got a lot on your plate at present so do care of yourself with it all.

    • yes, I have too many obligations. trying to think how I can weed some things out. but this class won’t be one of them

  2. love these flowers and cant keep resisting have signed on for the class and thanks for the pen information. I grew up learning to write script in catholic school with a fountain pen and a jar of ink. loved it but lost touch with the process so I just had to order a pen and purple ink… Looking forward to getting started Thanks for the imput

    • that sounds awesome! I was looking at the different ink colors yesterday 🙂 enjoy your class

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