Holy Batman, Robin! It’s Still Snowing!


According to the weather folks up here in Maine, our yearly average snowfall is 90 inches. This year we have already hit a little over 150 inches. And it is snowing again. Just lightly, but still. Before you worry about us getting buried by snow, let me say we had two days when it warmed up and rained all day, both days, and melted a decent amount of snow each time. Thankfully.

This is my baby dragon that we brought up from Florida. He began life as a pine tree, then became a tree stump, then a talented guy named Jimmy used some special chain saws to turn this stump into a baby dragon. It was Jimmy’s trial run to see if he could make a dragon and I took this one along with the awesome bench he made for me. Baby does a fine job of guarding our porch and even took an icicle for the team.

Many of you who are friends on Facebook have already seen this photo. This was taken yesterday morning. The porch is actually the second level of our house. Yes, some of this snow came from the roof. This is an eye level shot I took standing down the driveway.

I had this sign made to sit at the entrance to our driveway. It was a surprise for Kali for her first visit to Maine. For those of you who are Once Upon a Time fans I screen shot the sign in the show and a local company made this sign to look exactly like the one in the series. The reason I am showing it to you now is became those posts it is attached to are 8 feet tall. That will give you an idea of how deep the snow is. The tall dragons are right behind this, but sitting down a little lower elevation. And they are totally buried. They are approximately 8 feet tall.

Here is this morning’s shot from the upstairs loft window. That lump in the middle that is totally buried with nothing showing – that is the old snow plow truck.

Looking straight out the loft window.

Check out these icicles on the front of the house. Looks like that one is probably a good 9 – 10 feet long. Wow!

If you follow my Instagram account, you will recognize this barn. I shoot it in the winter, in mud season, in spring and summer. It is one of my favorites up here. This shot is from last winter. Approximately the same time of the year as now.

This is this morning. Not the barn, but the house to the left. I think the barn is to the right just outside the photo frame.

This is my other favorite barn. This photo was taken a little over 3 months ago, in November. Wait for it . . .

. . . and this is this morning. From the same spot. Yes, we have plenty of snow now.

We needed to go into town for dog food and this is what we saw as soon as we entered Walmart. Swim suits. Right. Hahahahahahah! Won’t be needing these any time soon. Stay safe and stay warm.

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16 thoughts on “Holy Batman, Robin! It’s Still Snowing!

  1. I suppose you might try sunbathing!! That is an awful lot of snow. Glad to hear you’re safe. Be ever so careful of those icicles, very nasty if they break off with you close by………..

      • Wow! Is all I can say..that’s a lot of snow! Beautiful photos…Will spring arrive before June?

        • hahahahaha! I am starting to wonder that myself! supposed to get more snow this weekend and I hope that’s the end of it for this year. I love the snow but we have way too much

  2. Holy smokes! Or should I say snowkes! Good luck when it melts, then you may need those swim suits! Thank goodness your good humor is in tact.

    • hahaha! thanking God that whoever built this house had the forethought to put a pump in the basement. we are going to need it.

  3. I’ll bet those swimsuits are flying of the racks. Not. The owner of that Walmart is probably cursing that the chain pushes the same clothes everywhere no matter the local weather.
    Stay safe and warm! Hope your internet stays up!

    • hahahahaha! yep! that’s what I thought, too, they have no say over what is ordered. so many swim suits. too bad all the sweaters are put away for the summer

  4. I’ve been following your snow pics all winter with my jaw dropping each time! Some much snow, but some really great photos! Thanks for sharing. Stay warm!

    • thanks, sue, this is our third winter here and we haven’t had this much snow before. the people who grew up here say it is unusual. we hope they are right. >.<

    • trying. I have the space heater in my studio running full blast. particularly cold today. brrrrr

  5. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I love the snow and since I live in Southeast Texas, not something I see very often. Look forward to all your great posts.

    • Thank you so much. ? I am hoping the snow may be over for this year. It will take forever to melt.

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