Hahnemühle’s New ZigZag Book!


Get out your paints, and your pens, and your inks, and your markers because Hahnemühle has something new and it is meant for you!

Think awesome and amazing and you won’t even be close! I realize the type of art I make is just one of the many out there, but it is also the perfect art style for this new item – the ZigZag Book! Think accordion style, fan-folded and you get the picture. Oh! Wait! There is a picture. Hahaha! look at all that awesomeness! The new ZigZag has 18 pages of the finest watercolor paper with a fine-grain surface on both sides! That means you can create art on the front and back of these pages! Either one long panoramic design, or several vignettes, or individual art on each panel. Your choices are limitless.

Remember this vignette book I made several months ago using Hahnemühle’s papers? I had to hand cut each of those panels and put them together. This ZigZag will replace that method in short order.

The ZigZag is designed to go in the field with you, with its sturdy oversized covers to protect your art-filled pages from the elements. That cute little red elastic band will keep the ZigZag closed securely. You can even use it to hold your pages flat while you paint or sketch or draw. The ZigZag will be available in the United States around mid-March but you can pre-order it right now from Wet Paint Art! There are several size options that include: A5 (6×8.25″), A6 (4×6″), Mini Square (2×2″) and Square (5.5×5.5″.) Don’t wait, we expect these books to be a sale-out! Pre-order yours now! I ordered 3 of those minis – now I just need to decide what I will do with them!

Wet Paint Art Pre-Order
ZigZag Book Info

10 thoughts on “Hahnemühle’s New ZigZag Book!

    • I have ideas, hopefully one of them will work. hahaha! I want to see what you do, too <3

  1. I was admiring these when Sandra posted about them the other day. Very high on my wishlist – I’ll be keeping an eye for when they hit our shores!

  2. teehee, I’m so darn excited about these books! When I heard about the mini I immediately thought of your beautiful, colorful tangles. Oh how gorgeous it’ll look! Great post, my friend. You ROCK. Carol must love us, we get excited and the product isn’t even here yet. I want a dozen of those little ones, hahaha. I wanna juggle them, LOL.

  3. These look great fun & I can see that they really suit your style, the one you made is a super example in itself, now that little Bijou 2 x 2 inch sounds absolutely intriguing & so so portable.

    • it does for sure and I can see these little flowers I’ve been playing with becoming a ZigZag book all by theirselves.

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