Getting Iced In


Snow? Yes, we have plenty. Thank you for asking. And now we are getting ice! Eek! Let me show you.

Isn’t that a beautiful cell phone shot? I was sitting inside the car, waiting for Mark to go get some scrambled eggs and toast and some epic coffee! This picture is eye level sitting in the car at the side of our house. Yep. We have plenty of snow. It is taller than the jeep. I still love it so much, but we have enough for now.

This is my yard stick for measuring the amount of snow. That lump on the left is our old snow plow truck. The one that needs help. The lump on the right is Mark’s big tractor we used in Florida to haul hay for the horses and donkeys. That shoot of white down the back leads to the bear cave where our bears – for realz – are sleeping for the winter. This is our back yard.

And this photo is from our ride into the next town for groceries. That would be a little waterfall that is totally iced over with water flowing underneath. Before winter is done this entire stream will be iced over. And it is pretty awesome until it starts to melt in the spring. Then it is not so awesome after all. But that will be for another post. One in the spring. Which happens towards the middle of May. >.< If we are lucky. It is raining tonight which has melted the top layer of snow in the driveway. Tonight it will get down to 11 degrees which means a solid sheet of ice in our drive tomorrow. That is not a good thing. I have been asking around about people who can bring a load of dirt and sand our driveway. It helps a lot.

I’m hoping to be back to an art post tomorrow. I promised you some posts about my Bible journaling. And I am working hard on the coming eBook. So far I have 131 patterns from members of our group Tangle All Around. It’s looking like 3 – 400 patterns is a totally doable thing if I don’t go nuts drawing step outs before then. Hahahahaha! Just kidding! I love doing these. It just takes quite a bit of time. Have a super rest of your week!

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8 thoughts on “Getting Iced In

  1. You do have some pretty snowy landscapes. I very much enjoy seeing them – in photographs, lol. Your next book is going to be gigantically awesome!

  2. Mmmm – frozen waterfalls are quite something to see, we used to going across the Welsh Beacons by bus. Hope you manage to get some dirt & grit to help, ice like that is seriously nasty if you have to go anywhere for essentials. Hope you’re well stocked up. Here we have very strong winds with heavy rain, & I am SO impressed with all the work done so far on the flood defences by the river which is rather close.

    • you stay safe, too. glad they have such good flood protection work with your river. if someone named Noah stops by, grab R and go with him <3

    • today is going to be bad. raining ice which will melt some of the snow, then tonight it goes down to 6 degrees. our porch already has ice on it.

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