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I’ve been wanting to try Avery Elle’s line of liquid watercolors and I finally purchased a few bottles to try. And I’d been wanting to try some wet media in my Hahnemühle Report & Art Book, so this was the perfect time.

Do you remember my color book where I keep my colors organized? I pulled that out and started by making washes of the six Avery Elle colors I had.

That sapphire and sugar plum were a little dark for what I had in mine, so I went with the other four colors. The Hahnemühle Report & Art Book is roughly 90 lb in weight, 130 gsm, so not necessarily meant for wet media. I had been doing other things with this book but a little watercolor is a wonderful thing.

A couple years ago I took one of the Ranger Craft Sheets and cut it down into smaller sections. I took one of those pieces and placed it under the page I was going to work on – to protect the pages underneath. I started by spraying the page with water, then dropped one drop of the Cherry color into it. Look how the color took off and started feathering and spreading.

Encouraged by that reaction I added in some Lemon Grass, Fizz and Aquamarine. They all reacted similarly with the lemon grass moving along a run of water and down into the aquamarine. This paper really isn’t meant for much wet, so I had some curling but not to the point of being unmanageable for me and my paint brush to poke it down in the center.

Said paint brush. Hahahahaha!

I really didn’t have enough color (I know, right?), so I added water and more drops of that pretty cherry color and a little lemon grass.

And even more water. I love that center section where the cherry and fizz and starting to mix with the aquamarine, but I was concerned about mud.

As I watched for the possibility of mud, I used a water brush to pull some of that lovely lemon grass up towards the top.

And I just let color run and move as I watched. And ooh!ed and ahh!ed.

One way to prevent mud is to dry parts of the page. So I did and I pushed the color a little.

Except I had way too much wet and the heat tool was pushing the color up under the page to the left and into an area I didn’t want color to go to. So I blotted the whole thing up with a paper towel. Ick. Now I see underlying mud.

But I could build on that layer of dry mud. Hahahah! Mud pies! Who made them as kids? Do today’s kids even know what that is? And actually I grew up in Newfoundland where we had rocks, not much mud to be found anywhere. But I heard that mud pies could be fun. My most vibrant color was cherry, which is really more like a magenta. I took that and made some drops. And because the paper was still damp, I waited to see what would happen.

And was rewarded for my patience. Looks like a little red circus elephant. With only one leg and a really long truck. But just look at that smile! Hahahaha! Do you suppose that’s his mum reaching down?

I added a little lemon grass because that was my second favorite color. And waited.

No new circus animals 😉 but the color did migrate a little.

A little aquamarine dropped into the top, then blown down into the lower colors. I was liking this again. Building a little at a time.

And I was itching to use that heat tool.

Isn’t this pretty? I was able to capture the heat pushing that color in ripples with my phone.

And I brought down some of that cherry into the green section.

And I heated it up some, too, causing more runs.

And it dried like this. Isn’t it pretty? Not mud, but a blending of a couple colors.

I added a little fizz back in – that would be the orange – fizz reminds me of alka seltzer. Why in the world did they think fizz was a good name???

And a splat of aquamarine. It really is about playing and seeing what happens.

I love the way this page turned out! Plenty of places to tangle with black and plenty of places to bring in some white tangles as well. How did the Report & Art Book hold up to this load of water and color? Fairly well considering how much I used. Once the page was dry, I closed the book and fastened the elastic band around it and the next morning this is what I had. A once again flat page. It worked very well. Next I want to try a simple water brush with these colors, working from a palette. And with no spray bottle. Just noticing in the fizz section at the top in the center – it looks like a little valentine heart. Awesome! I hope the little circus elephant is safe with his mom because he totally blended into the background here. Hahahahaha!

Report & Art Book can be purchased here, here and here.
Avery Elle Liquid Watercolor

7 thoughts on “Avery Elle Liquid Watercolor

  1. looking forward to seeing this product used on a palette.. love water colors.. have the neocolor crayons which I use a great deal jane davenports derwents etc but this sounds like fun..I signed up for Lifebook 19 but prior to that we had 30 days of teachers and lessons One of which was making mud and what to do with it ..It actually can be interesting ..Look forward to your daily posts thank you

    • that mud lesson sounds intriguing! and I’m glad you look forward to the posts. it is hard to keep up and post everyday, but I’m trying 🙂

  2. Love this! Your daily schedule is a good recipe for burn-out…on top of the books you are preparing…when do you sleep? Take care of yourself!

    • I know. I am getting tired. I get plenty of sleep but this schedule is getting harder. I fear the site is going to lose out as I get more involved in this next book

  3. Mmm – do be careful, perhaps every other day alternating the two?? Fascinating watching how the colours respond to the wet or damp paper, if they do!! I don’t think I’ve seen liquid watercolours here – they do exist I’m sure, I’ll have to get my Distress Reinkers out & have a play some time soon.

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