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ATC Trades & Jams on Facebook is hosting another swap. This time the theme is steampunk which is totally right up my alley!

Maybe you remember these two ATCs I made last month. The color was Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks and the paper was Stonehenge. When I got ready to make the two ATCs for this steampunk swap, I sorted through all the little papers I had colored recently and decided on these two to use as my bases.

Here are my supplies for the project. A couple stamps, an upside-down StazOn ink pad, a couple Dyestress ink pads, some steampunk metal elements and the phone cause you never know when a telemarketer is going to call. Yep. Sad.

I stamped each card, then prepared to ink around the edges of each piece with a Dyestress ink pad from ColorBox.

Inked edges and a little scruffiness scraped across the surface with that same ink pad. Dyestress Cattail.

For this one I used Graphite Dyestress. Much darker than it would seem like it should be. I inked the edges and dragged the pad across the surface in several places.

Not sure why the one on the left is showing up so dark. Let me try this again.

A little better. I needed some wording or something to pop along that left hand side. I have this cool little set of alphabet stamps I got at Michaels years ago for $1.00 for the entire set. I have one set of all caps and another set of lower case. To find my words, I googled steampunk words and came up with these.

I love these colors!

I have a little drawer I keep all my metal works in. I thought some of these might work for these ATCs.

And this is what I ended up with. I attached the elements with glue dots from Zots. They come in various sizes and they hold forever.

Hopefully whoever receives these will love them. They are the first ATCs I’ve made that I didn’t add any pen work to. None. At all. Strange. But I didn’t feel they needed any.

Interested in ATCs? ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards and people love to swap them. If you want to get started, a good place to start would be Facebook’s group ATC Trades and Jams. I have no affiliation or obligation to promote them. I am just a simple member there trying to figure out what I’m doing. Hahahaha! And it might be a good fit for you, too!

Jane Davenport Inkredible Ink
Stonehenge Watercolor Block
ColorBox Dyestress Ink Pads
Small Zots Glue Dots

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15 thoughts on “A Little Steampunk

    • hahahaha! at least the way I am doing it I can pick and choose which swaps to get involved in

  1. Fascinating, I am developing info on steampunk. Two ATCS for same swap. Your last book sparked m interest and used tangles for my base.

  2. Thank you. I am always intrigued by the ways you use the elements and tools you have. I am pretty sure I am not a steampunky person, but again I enjoy your work.

    Have a good day!

    • hahaha! steampunk is an acquired taste. I do love it, but I know it isn’t for everyone

  3. Really neat! Would you be able to show us what you have received from these swaps some time? Did not know if you put them I. A scrap book of sorts. Have a great day!

  4. Excellent – I was wondering where Dyestress Inkpads come from & there you answered it, Colorbox. Hmm, I still have my original Distress Inkpads which haven’t seen the light of day since our move. One day soon! Love that orange one especially & perfectly embellished, doesn’t the green gem pick up on the green in the background? You’re absolutely right, no extra penwork needed on these.

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