Making Collage Elements


I am still trying to complete the February classwork in the 2019 Artfully Inspired Life class taught by Joanne Sharpe. The March lessons will be up in a couple days and I still have quite a way to go to finish this month’s project pages. Let me show you what I’m doing. Joanne had us… Continue Reading

A Little Steampunk


ATC Trades & Jams on Facebook is hosting another swap. This time the theme is steampunk which is totally right up my alley! Maybe you remember these two ATCs I made last month. The color was Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks and the paper was Stonehenge. When I got ready to make the two ATCs for… Continue Reading

Holy Batman, Robin! It’s Still Snowing!


According to the weather folks up here in Maine, our yearly average snowfall is 90 inches. This year we have already hit a little over 150 inches. And it is snowing again. Just lightly, but still. Before you worry about us getting buried by snow, let me say we had two days when it warmed… Continue Reading

Clean Up Paper Art


A few days back I showed you a big sheet of paper I drew some loosey-goosey flowers on. At that time it had a little yellow smeared on it. Let me show it to you now 🙂 . I was working on this canvas recently and I really did not like it because the bottom… Continue Reading

Something You Have Never Seen Here Before


Absolutely serious! You have never seen me work in collage with just black and white. No color. Oh my word, I can’t even believe I signed up for this ATC swap! Hahahaha! You have heard me talk about ATC Trades and Jams on Facebook before. They have a crazy thing called Jams going on all… Continue Reading

Viola, A New Tangle


Want to try a new tangle pattern? Loose and free-flowing, Viola is a super forgiving, easy to draw tangle. Here is a quick tile I did last night using viola. Notice how each flower is its own flower. No two are the same. This tangle is not meant for perfection, or duplication. Each viola you… Continue Reading

More Avery Elle and Hahnemühle


Today I’m going to walk you through another technique using the Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors on Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media paper. Thus far the Avery Elle’s have not reacted like any other liquid watercolor I’ve tried. They are truly a world unto themselves, but I like them. A lot. These Bamboo Mixed Media papers come… Continue Reading

Hahnemühle Bristol and Avery Elle


I am always looking for different ways to use color. Recently I posted about Avery Elle Liquid Watercolors. In that post I dropped the color straight onto a wet journal page in a book. For today’s post, I wanted to try Avery Elle on my craft mat and apply the color straight from there. For… Continue Reading

Tombows, Hahnemühle and Florals


Do you remember this tile? Probably not and that is alright. I show you so much color on a daily basis, how would you possibly remember this one? Hahahaha! I couldn’t remember how I made it although I had my guess. So I went back into the site until I found where I originally showed… Continue Reading

Loose Flowing Florals


I am learning something new and having so much fun! These little free-flowing flowers are so much fun to draw! I am using an Eco TWSBI fountain pen which I have never used to tangle with before. Joanne is really getting me to stretch and try new things in her class 2019 Artfully Inspired Life…. Continue Reading