Washi Tape Journaling


Have a lot of washi tape? I know. It’s like an addiction. You see one tape you just have to have and then another and another. And before you know it you have ten or twelve rolls in your shopping cart and you can’t decide so you get them all. And you take them home and add them to your ever-growing stash. And think, wow! I have a lot of washi tape! Hahahahaha! True story! So. When it is time to work on a project, how do you remember which tapes you actually have? I have them stored in rows in little plastic boxes, but it is still tedious. I want to see what they look like on a page so I came up with this idea.

I have one journal where I keep pages of samples. Fun to do and it serves a purpose. A washi recognition purpose. A wow!-I-have-a-lot-of-washi purpose! Hahahahaha! And it makes some really beautiful pages and it is easy! Boom! Washi reference pages right there and it was awesome to do! You are so welcome! And this doesn’t even include my Harry Potter tapes!

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18 thoughts on “Washi Tape Journaling

    • I use it frequently , though I will never use up all I have. hahaha! sometimes I add it for texture and paint over it

  1. Ok, thanks. I don’t think I will get involved with Washi tape. No room for storage.?


  2. Fantastic, thanks for the idea, my two plus clear boxes will now be well organized, except I’ll label the pages to make it easier to know the washi tape location.
    Have a good day an venture on washi tape collecting its fun

    • it is fun! and so addicting, hahahaha! but I do use them, so it’s all good πŸ™‚

  3. Alice, I love the Washi tape journal sample pages! You have a lovely variety. Can you share a few of your locations you have found the best variety of Washi? Is there an on-line shop you like or prefer?

  4. I love Washi tape, too :). I like your washi tape sample pages, but how do you use the tapes in your art journals? I make Praise Journals/Books (a lot smaller pages than scrapbook pages) mainly with encouraging/inspirational quotes. I would love some ideas on using my stash in these books. Thanks

  5. Brilliant idea – I have to confess I own not a single roll but the number of pencils & markers ……… well, say no more!! Funnily I can already imagine uses for washi in tangling, I might just have to get myself a roll to play with………but it might get all lonely in a box by itself mightn’t it?? Uh oh!!!

    • hahahaha! step away from the washi! it is so addicting, there is no way you could have just one roll. hahahahaha

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