Washi and the Bible


How’s that for a post title? Hahaha! Yes, I totally use washi tape in my Bible and I’ll show you how over the next week. The same techniques will work for your art journals or collage books or junk journals. A little washi goes a long way!

This particular page came together as part of an art journaling prompt in my FB group Tangle All Around. The prompt was to use song lyrics on a journal page. I chose to add the lyrics to one of my journaling Bibles. Yes, I said ‘Bibles’ because I actually have three I’m working in. To pass down to my children when I’m gone.

Love and Theft is a country music group whose songs I usually enjoy. This particular song just really struck a chord with me. The chorus is repeated throughout the song and not the way I show it here where I typed all the verses first. I did that to save space. Just imagine after each verse the chorus repeating Love is patient, love is kind. Love don’t care who’s wrong or right. Doesn’t envy, doesn’t boast, it doesn’t quit. It’s not selfish, it’s not proud. Love’s the noise above the loud. It never fails, it forgets and it forgives. Love wins. Love wins.  It is literally I Corinthians 13, the love chapter in the Bible. Very reminiscent of Carrie Underwood’s new song also called Love Wins.

I used a sheet of scrapbook paper that I liked, and printed the lyrics straight onto the patterned side of the paper. The reverse side is plain white and makes a super surface for note taking, tangling, adding personal thoughts about the scripture, insights from God. I ‘tipped’ the page into my Bible using a strip of the always wonderful washi tape. Yep! Washi to the call!

Could it be that you need a reminder today that Love Wins? I know I need this reminder every single day. Love really does win. When we let God lead the way and we open up our hearts. Love and God wins!

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16 thoughts on “Washi and the Bible

  1. What a great idea about the Bible’s, I must get one more. I have 3 grand daughters, 3 grandsons, one grandson received a Bible upon his birth from my beloved Grandma, his Great Great Grandmother. She was thrilled that he was born on the Ephiphany. I had to ask what that meant. I was raised in a Bible only church.
    I didn’t know very much lingo with Denominational churches. My 2 other grandsons, are being raised Atheist, so know need for them to have Bibles.

    • oh wow, being raised atheist is a hard one, you have your work cut out for you. how blessed you are for so many grandchildren <3

      • Thanks Alice,
        The boys, can worship anywhere they want, when they are old enough to explain why they want to go. They have to talk to their Dad, let him know the teaching, what it means to them etc..
        My son wants to make sure, they don’t want to go, just because a girlfriend isn’t allowed to date an Atheist. My son is very well versed in
        The Bible. However, the church we were raised in is very fundamentalist Christian, hard core thou shalt nots, never the Love and Grace of The Lord. I tried so hard to raise 3 little Christian boys, I felt like crying after every service, feeling that I would never make it to Heaven.
        Didn’t mean to ramble, this is about tangling not religion….

  2. Love Wins! Love this song and CW music. So much God in so many. Been planning a page for Neon Church.

  3. I love this idea especially the part of doing one for your children – awesome. Looking forward to more postings on this process. Thank you, Alice!

  4. Super the way the washing matches the patterned paper & it all combines to bring the message across, Love does cause flourishing, it has for me. Lovely that this post is in the midst of all where it belongs, keep safe (I now have a Weather App with Maine located). Have sleet here in the city……… no snow as yet.

    • that’s cool you go the weather app! the forecast changes all the time – I look at my app probably 10 times a day.

  5. I didn’t realize you Bible journaled. Actually, I probably did know and it fell out of my brain when I slept. Music has such power. I love how you’ve done this with room for God to speak. I’ll find this music and check it out. I really need to dust my Bible off and direct my art at it. Thank you for sharing!

    • I do but not as much as I should. I have good intentions. I should put that before my other journaling and art.

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