Using Tombows as a Watercolor: Video


Tombow has twelve new Dual Brush Pen colors out for 2019. Let me show you how to use them to make beautiful watercolor backgrounds you can tangle on. I will include photos showing how they look once dry after the video.

These round tiles are 3.5″ in diameter. So much smaller than what you may be seeing them on your screen if you are on a computer or tablet. I love that crisp line between that purple and teal to the left. These five round tiles were all made using the twelve new colors of Tombow Dual Brush Pens for 2019. You can see how in the video above.

You can see there isn’t a lot of variety in the colors. This set is more like three families of color.

These rectangular tiles are roughly 3″ x 4″. A really great size to tangle. They are from Hahnemühle – their Bamboo Mixed Media. These come in a pad of ten. I use them all the time. Love them. I’ll include a link to purchase at the end of the post. Oh, check out that blossoming teal edge around the purple at the lower corner! Amazing! You can tell I changed over to the wider selection of colors with the original Tombow Brush Pens for this set of five.

These tiles will be super for tangling on. Or for cutting into ATCs, or using for collage work, or art journaling. There are seriously so many uses other than just brightening up your day <3

Here are some links for you to get more information:

Tombow Brush Pens, new colors for 2019
Bamboo Mixed Media
also available here
My YouTube channel Alice Hendon
Tangle All Around – come hang out and tangle with us.

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19 thoughts on “Using Tombows as a Watercolor: Video

  1. love my tombows Also a gift from my husband that and a year later my Prismacolor pencils Love the demo thanks

  2. Thank you for this edition. I have tried this using waxed paper with so so results. I will keep trying this technique. For me, your “mumblings” are helpful because it is you thinking out loud some of the same things we might be thinking while we try something new. Nice, thanks again, I enjoyed this.


    • good, I’m glad the mumblings help, hahaha! they are a part of me. you could also try an old plastic 3-ring binder – you could use the cover. or sheet protectors – they work, too.

  3. Hopefully third time is the charm. I just completed 10 of the small bamboo cards using this technique with the new Tombow colors. Lots of fun. I used some salt too. My colors are softer because I used craft paper to start with.

    • oh I’d love to see how they look on the craft paper! and comments have to be approved before they post. that way I can keep out the spammers 🙂

  4. Alice, can I post the pictures in the Tangle All Around FB group? Or can I do that in this blog posting or You Tube? They are dry now so I can post them. I may or may not tangle on them. I mostly doodle/zia’s, etc. with tangle influence. Although I wanted to try something with my favorite of your tangles. That I can post in the Tangle All Around Group. I appreciate you being mindful of spammers in this blog, helps all of us too.

    • Nancy – post them in Tangle All Around, it is perfectly fine. I am not sure if you can post photos here or YouTube. I’d love to see them and Tangle All Around is the perfect place 🙂

  5. This blog is a mine of information. I can tell you love what you’re doing too & your venturing into the world of video tutorials helps enormously when understanding what lies behind your artwork. Thank you so much for your generosity with time & everything.

    • you are welcome 🙂 it is playtime for me and I just love it! sharing it here is a work of the heart

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