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Recently I made an online purchase from a company called Prestigify. When I went to the checkout, there was an offer for this cute little paint set at a reduced cost.

Several companies are carrying these little flip out trays of portable color and I had been ignoring them for quite awhile. But since I was already making a purchase I was able to pick this up at half the cost. So I figured why not. I looked through all the color options and this one was closest to the colors I like to use. It was advertised as a Nomadcolor Portable Watercolor Kit for professional artists all the way to beginners. Seems like a lot of territory to cover to me, but why not. Right? Eighteen colors, a refillable water brush and a painter’s sponge. And a little plastic carrying case. Awesome! So I ordered one.

I used a Bamboo Mixed Media card from Hahnemühle to test some colors. They didn’t blend well and I had to put down a lot of coats to get these tones. I did like the creaminess of the colors when I added water to the palette but they didn’t blend well on paper. I did get a decent color selection in this set of 18, so I was happy with that part of it. This photo was while the color was still wet and I just left it sitting overnight. At this point I was not impressed.

This is dry and I was liking the colors better this morning. Check out that purple-ish section. That spider web effect is pretty awesome and I have no idea why the color did that as it dried. I did not add salt and anything other than the water I used. And I like the way that pink at the center bottom blended with the blue to make a purple edge. I wanted more of that but at least I got that much. And that is pretty much what I like about this tile of color. So unimpressed I did not want to use another tile to try again. Maybe one day but not this day.

So. Would I recommend this set to you? Prestigify says this is a $79.99 set, and they have it marked down to $39.99. I would say that is still too high. I got mine for half of that $39.99 because I purchased a desktop easel (which I love!) While the pans are a decent size in surface – they are not deep. These pans are 1″ x 1/2″ and very shallow. Probably close to 1/16″ in depth. So you don’t get a whole lot of color. You get a whole lot of portability. And it is convenient for traveling. I could see this being an airport/road trip set. Which is what they intend it for, but the dollar amount seems a little high to me.

But they do look cute sitting in my Robin Mead spinner on my desktop. Purchase or not? I’d let these sit on Pretigify’s shelf until they run them on a super sale and then try them out.

Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media cards can be purchased here and here.

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8 thoughts on “Portable Watercolor from Prestigify

  1. It’s interesting testing products when you know (like you do with Hahnemuhle) the substrate so well & how it can react. I can see from the photo that these don’t look like they’re behaving in the usual watercolour way – layering rather than blending, wonder if there’s some kind of binder making each colour keep to itself.

    • that would make sense. I tried to research them but the site doesn’t give much information

    • yes, within the past year I think. they come in a lot of color selections and sizes, also. Born to Sketch carries them also

  2. What would you think about a blog post about distress ink and ink pads and how to use them?

    • I can do that for sure 🙂 I probably have posts somewhere already but it is always good to bring the inks back out and play some more. thanks <3

  3. I bought a similar set. I think I only paid about $20 for mine and the colors are much brighter, but if you slide the trays back into place while the paint is wet, it sticks to the tray above. I’m pretty sure these are dye-based and the color will probably fade. Also my plastic casing was really cheap and cracked when I opened it so nothing to carry the set in. I wasn’t impressed either.

    • hahaha! I didn’t mention the plastic case breaking – I thought it was because of how cold it is here, but mine broke, too. and I wondered about the sticking – I did close mine wet, so they are probably stuck as well. nope, mine didn’t stick. I may not have used enough water – maybe that’s why the colors aren’t brighter. who knows. I will probably never figure it out because I will probably never use these again.

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