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Someone asked me yesterday about Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks and how they compare with Dylusions Ink Sprays. There is no comparison. Dylusions will win hands down every time. You just can’t beat the bold, bright, beautiful colors of Dyan Reaveley’s Dylusions! With that being said, if Jane’s inks are more readily available to you, they are definitely worth your consideration.

I am back to my Stonehenge tiles and Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks. For this particular tile, I started with a drop of Fairy Floss. Yes, I understand that doesn’t look pink but it is. I brought out my heat gun and tried spreading the color with hot air, but it didn’t work well since the paper was dry.

So I added water with my spray bottle, then added some Berry Licious across the top and bottom. These inks do not blend well if you start them off on dry paper. They work to their optimum when there is water involved from the start. The blending of the colors works best that way as well. Unlike the Dylusions which work well every possible way I’ve tried.

I blotted that excess wet away from the card and let it just sit and dry for a bit, then I flipped it over to see what was on the other side. I knew there would be color because of the bleedover mix of water and color onto the mat under the paper.

The back side was looking pretty amazing without any help. So I left both sides alone at this point and dried them with my heat tool. You don’t always need to add more. Sometimes they are just perfect the way they end up. See those little dots of yellow at the top left? That is from where I didn’t get my craft mat cleaned up well before I started this particular tile. And I don’t mind that the color mixed onto this piece. I like it. A lot.

The dried front.

The dried back. Very similar but different. And I really love this fairy floss color! Want to see one more?

I still wanted this idea of dry on paper to work. I kept hoping the colors would do something other than sit on the paper like a dead snake – or a bird whose tail fell off. Hahahahahaha! Sadly it was not meant to be. And you can tell from this photo that I had already colored the reverse side. I’ll show you in a minute.

The colors I used are lemon sherbet and hydrangea. I figured with these two I could make green in the middle and that worked very well once I sprayed water into the two areas of color. Since the paper already had a little bend in it from working on the backside, the color automatically migrated towards the ends of the tile.

I used the end of a paint brush to hold the tile down in the middle to let the colors try to blend and merge evenly. See that little dot of green in the middle? That’s where I held the paper down with the end of my brush. And it made a green dot. Cool! In that section of blue, you can still see when I laid down the line of color that resembled the snake. But you can not find the bird who lost his tail because this lemon sherbet is a champ. It is about the best thing I can say for this line of color. You won’t be disappointed with lemon sherbet. It played and mingled and merged and danced and created green along the edges of the hydrangea.

And I blotted. I really like how that green is fuzzy and bleary and doesn’t have crisp edges down through the lower left area. Cool!

Here is the back side. It mostly cleaned up the mess that was left over on my craft mat, then the hydrangea flowed over that top edge and created some pretty color. I held the tile up and sprayed water across the top, letting it run down the length of the paper causing some pretty cool runs! Fun and easy technique. Similar to making runs with a heat gun, except by hand.

The front once it was dry. Dead snake hanging in there. Sheesh.

And the beautiful back. One of my favorites out of the twenty total surfaces I made. Want to see all the rest in their completed color? Here we go:

And there you have it. All 20 surfaces have now been posted. There are some lovely colors and some not so lovely colors. Hahahaha! Just like with any product you use. And it all comes down to preference. I will continue to play with Inkredible Inks with Fairy Floss and Lemon Sherbet being my favorites. And all the others not my favorites. And the most important thing I discovered was I need to start with water. As far as permanence goes – they are not permanent. If you add wet to the color it will reactivate. Michael’s has them online for $3.99 a bottle, so not a huge expense. And they should last quite awhile because you don’t use much at one time. Worth the price? You will have to make that decision. As for me, I am good with what I have at this point.

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11 thoughts on “More Inkredible Ink Backgrounds

  1. Nice to know I did an online class with J Davenport along with the Wellness Summit and some of her classes are coming up with Lifebook 19 I try to use at least some of what the teacher is using But I have so many of my dylusions inks already..sometimes like so many others if I am having issues trying to create something I must be usin the wrong product It could not be just me

    • just use your dylusions. they will be fine and they are already paid for 🙂 and no, it is not just you. everyone has that problem from time to time. when I have it – i turn to color

    • hahaha! those are my least favorites! every person has different tastes, so there is plenty to go around 🙂 Hahahaha!

  2. I’d probably like these Jane Davenport inks, because I’d play with those shapes on dry. I love that kind of stuff! You should call your technique of using color on the back Dripmanades. Kind of like my bleedthrumanades except the color runs off the front instead of bleeding through.

    • haha! I absolutely could call it that! I might! thanks for the idea <3 I'll have to see what I could do with it

  3. Oh you had me laughing all the way – your descriptions are priceless & so graphic, your artwork comes to life & develops a character all of its own (& yes that is without an apostrophe, ‘cos I’m old fashioned & don’t want the grammar police chasing me…….. but I do seem to remember we’re on the same side there).

    • Hahahaha! We are definitely on the same side there. These inks were interesting. But I have them and they are paid for so I will use them. Wet. Hahahahahaha!

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