Let’s Make a Heat Ring


One of my favorite things to do when working with inks and water is to make heat rings! See that red area and how the color is blown out into a circle around it? I call those heat rings. I may have made up the name because I’ve never heard anyone else call them that. So heat rings it is!

And this is where I started. Three of Jane Davenport’s beautiful Inkredible Ink colors – Fairy Floss, Watermelon and Lemon Sherbet. I talked about these inks yesterday – they are scented. And all three of these smells make me smile 🙂 so it’s a win/win all around!

I started with water and sprayed it all over my 2.5″ x 3.75″ piece of Stonehenge Aqua hot pressed paper. Then I used the eye droppers in the lids and added some lemon and fairy floss to the paper. One thing I am noticing about these inkredible inks and water, the lemon sherbet flows and mixes very well when used with water. The fairy floss is not so much a fun partner to play with. She pretty much wants to stay just where you place her.

So I tried to make her play nice by adding more water! And she basically ran away from the yellow sherbet and ran right off my paper. Silly girl!

By this point I had a ton of wet, so I did the first thing that came to mind. I grabbed another tile from the pad of Stonehenge, and placed it right across the bottom of the first tile and blotted up the excess color.

I wanted there to be color all across the tile, not just the part I placed across the bottom of the first one, so I moved it and tapped it down. Rotate and place and tap. Repeat as needed.

Starting to look better but a tad much like the first one.

And I still had wet color on my craft mat. So I turned the tile back over and blotted up some more color.

But I still had a mess on the craft mat and didn’t want to waste the color. So I blotted some more.

And I was really not liking the color at this point, but at least it wasn’t a replica of the first tile. Not even close. Hahahahaha! Reminds me hot dogs. (I don’t like hot dogs.)

I really didn’t care for the two blobs of fairy floss either so . . .

. . . I added more fairy floss across the two blobs in two lines. And I was liking it better already! Hahahahaha! Look at that feathering! And I thought why not, so I added a drop to the ugly second tile, too!

And while that first tile worked, I spritzed a little more water onto the not beautiful tile, and grabbed my heat tool. To make a heat ring, you just point the heat straight into the wet blob and let the hot air push the color.

The hot air will push the color away from where the heat is directed, out in a circular design. And if you are patient and let that color dry in the outer ring – you get a really cool effect – a heat ring!

I use these a lot in underwater art. They work wonderfully as jelly fish or anemones, floaty moving designs in your underwater world. And they are so easy to achieve.

At that point I was happy with the fronts of both tiles. I rubbed one of them all around in the leftovers on the craft mat and this is what I got. Nice but not enough contrast for my taste.

I added a couple drops of limeade onto my tile and waited for it to start blending.

Unfortunately, my tile was too dry at this point for mixing to occur. So I sprayed some water right into that drop of color.

And it worked pretty well, so I sprayed the other drop, too and let them run together. Tilting the tile caused the color to wash down the paper giving all the contrast I needed.

So I stopped, blotted and heat dried the tile. I love the crisp edges and the subtle splotches here and there. And the fact that I can still see the original color underneath. I called it a successful save. Let me show you all 4 sides once they were dry. One of them I don’t have any in-progress photos for and I do not know why.

These two are front and back of each other. Didn’t that second one turn out really pretty? It is the one I don’t have step photos for. >.<

And here is the second tile once it was completely dry. I do love all four work surfaces. I will be tangling these up soon and will show you what I do with them. In the interim, tomorrow I will show you what happens with these inks when you work dry – dropping ink onto a dry surface. And I will leave you with some links for purchases if you are interested. And, no, I don’t get any commissions, I just like to be able to share where you can find product if you want it. Thanks for reading!

Jane Davenport’s Inkredible Inks can be found here and here.
Stonehenge Aqua Hot Pressed paper can be found here.
Ranger’s Heat Tool can be found here.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Heat Ring

  1. These inks work very strangely don’t they? Intriguing that the yellow & red repelled each other initially. It’s certainly a case of exploring what they do by just experimenting. It really is heartening when you manage to turn a something you don’t like into a springboard for creativite opportunity.

    • I try really hard to turn things into opportunities. sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. but normally it works out.

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