Let’s Make a Colorful Background


Acrylic paints are really not my forte, but I am trying to get better at them. At least on a first name basis but probably never BFFs. Hahahaha!

This is what I’m talking about. Right here! All this beautiful color! Lots of color involved, so is it expensive? I hear some of you asking what it costs to do something like this. Let’s not talk about the paper itself. This is in a special journal for a class I’m taking and yes, it is a little pricey. But the paint itself. Bright and beautiful, yes? I started off using Golden Fluid Acrylics but for what I am using these papers for I found that I preferred the cheap Walmart FolkArt Acrylics that you can sometimes get for as low as 50 cents a bottle. Seriously. I have seven bottles of color going on here for a grand total of $3.50 plus tax. And I have a whole lot of paint left in those bottles. I can make a ton of other pages and projects.

Yes, I know you only see six paints. To this mix I also pulled a blue out of my closet hanger of colorful wonderfulness in my studio.

I don’t know if I’ve ever shown you this here. I’ve posted it on Instagram before. I am in a small room and I literally have art supplies stashed in every conceivable spot in the room. And under furniture and between furniture. I am the master of organization because I have done it so many times. But I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find the colors I wanted when I wanted them. I needed something more visible so I went – where else but Amazon online. It was delivered in two days – more or less – so it was quick. This hanging door rack holds a load of bottles and jars – it is amazing! And the best part is it cost $29.00 through Amazon. I believe most Walmarts will have something similar. Ours did not. Unfortunately. Fourth shelf down from the top – right hand side – those neon bottles of FolkArt acrylic craft paint. That’s what I used for these pages.

OK, I started with a flat brush and started swiping some green paths of color across both pages. I am using 90 lb mixed media paper which handles this acrylic paint well.

Then I went to the yellow. Be careful putting colors touching if the first one is still wet. Be mindful that mud can occur and mud isn’t all that lovely. I will show you that in a minute. Hahahaha!

And I just kept adding color swaths, one next to the other trying to avoid wet places.

Then I brought in this beautiful neon purple that really doesn’t look so purple. More like a beautiful red-purple. And I made the mistake of slapping some down on that right hand page – just underneath that white section. I didn’t get a photo because I was trying to figure out what to do. The purple painted on top of that green and yellow made some right awesome mud! Ick! So I tried to cover it with white. Not sure why I picked white. Cause it did not work.

Then I realized it didn’t work because I didn’t wait till the underlying mess . . . uh, mud . . . was dry and put more wet on it. So I got my heat gun out because I am impatient and dried it up. Then I put on more white to lighten the area some, then I went with a gob of orange over that whole section. Worked well. It made it look more layered, but I had that white space showing through the orange. So I added some brushes of pink in a couple spots and I loved it again. I also think that thin line of purple I slashed through the left hand side of the blob worked well to draw the eye away. You learn as you do. Here are a couple closeups of some areas I like!

And the finished spread of pages.

So much fun! Now I think it’s time to make a while bunch more pages of beautiful color!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Colorful Background

  1. Not much to say here, but you have always given me courage to just try stuff and see what happens. This result you have if it was not in a book could make some nice wrapping paper. All for now.

    • it would make pretty wrapping paper! 🙂 and thank you, for always commenting even when there isn’t much to say. <3

  2. Beautiful! Are you able to tangle easily over acrylics? Are they watered down or straight up?

    • these are straight up and yes, you can tangle over them. I’m finding my Sharpie fine liner is the best so far, the Tombow Mono Drawing Pen works fairly well on the lighter colors.

  3. Interesting you can get plenty of supplies in the cheaper brand of colours. Thanks again for your info.

  4. You are so much more organized than I am! My stuff is scattered all over and I spend more time searching than arting. The worse though is when I do organize. I can never remember where I put anything and then have to tear it all apart to find things. It ends up worse than ever.

    • hahaha! did you look at the rest of that closet? hahahahah! I understand about reorganizing – we need to do it, but then we can’t find anything. yep. I understand.

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