Dylusions Ink Sprays and Hahnemühle Cézanne


This was such a fun piece to make! Not my normal colors – I don’t use red very often. Hahaha! Like in – hardly ever!

Doesn’t this look yummy? A couple days ago I mentioned the calendar art call I participated in. The theme was red. I was like . . . uh, red??? For serious??? I dislike red on a competition type level. Almost as much as black and brown. Yep. So not my color. But it was the theme! So I had to include it. Hahaha! To the rescue came my Dylusions Ink Sprays for color. For paper I turned to Hahnemühle‘s Cézanne Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper. Of course. I was on a roll with that paper and couldn’t help myself.

I began with a lot of water – all over the page. I’m talking a coffee cup and a mop brush kind of water! I just slopped it all over the page, then started with my Postbox Red from Dylusions. It sprayed a little heavier-handed than I expected, and I wanted some yellow so I grabbed my Lemon Zest and shot a couple good sprays in there. Actually that red was killing me, hahahahaha! so I sprayed some White Linen over the darkest areas. Trying to tame the red, so to speak. What I had at this point was so much wet!!! I love it!!!

I totally left that whole mess sitting on the countertop, locked Aurora in the bathroom, and Mark and I went out for dinner. When we got back home – this is what it was drying into. I like that it kept much of the structure. Many times with Dylusions that doesn’t happen. And the color softened up a bit. That was a plus also.

But the theme was red, so I added more red to cover up some of the yellow. Keeping just glimpses of yellow here and there. And I used a heat gun to dry things. See those large circular areas? and the places where the color looks like it ran in lines and drips? Those are features I created with the heat gun. Just by pointing the gun straight down at the paper – the hot air pushes the color out from the center and it dries in those round shapes. I just call them heat rings. Don’t know that they actually have a name. It’s kind of like artangleology – I just made it up! The lines and drips are where I pushed the color with heat. Forced it to move, then left it to dry. I also added some white linen flecks here and there. And a few white blobby spots and . . .

. . . just let it dry naturally. See how that white area in the red spots at the lower left is just blurred out and soft? That is how it air dries. The colors keep merging as it dries and you get a beautiful creamy effect.

And then because I really dislike red – like a lot – I sprayed more white over the entire piece. Just high across the top of the piece – about a foot above the paper and sprayed it parallel so the color just drifted down onto the page. Of course I totally got white on the counter and window as well. So goes the way of arting! Completed piece – 12″ x 16″ on this wonderful Cézanne Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper. No idea what I will do with it other than perhaps hang it up one day to admire. Cause I do love the yellows! Hahahaha!

Want to check out the Dylusions Ink Sprays? I get mine from Joggles because the prices are normally lower with Barb. Right here.
Cézanne Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper is right here.
Need a heat gun? Try this one.
Need a tangle home for inspiration and a challenge? Click here.

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10 thoughts on “Dylusions Ink Sprays and Hahnemühle Cézanne

  1. Alice the red piece turned out quite lovely. I like you do not paint with red too often and I dislike wearing red. I am enjoying your blogs. How do you manage your time? The hardest part for me is trying to spend even an hour each day doing some art work.

    • it is hard to find the time. I have so many other things going on that ‘art’ing usually takes last place. and then it is when I can find 15 minutes. I have been trying to post every day to bring excitement to this new site, but it is getting harder because of the time required. thank you for letting me know you are enjoying the journey. you and I have been art friends for 5 or 6 years now. it has been exciting to watch your journey. and now I am seeing all the beautiful work you are doing with alcohol inks <3

    • hahaha! exactly! I do use red sometimes but not often. it is usually to make orange 🙂

  2. Alice Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your amazing and colorful work. We all appreciate all you do and I do love your new site.

    But, like most, I have very little time and do enjoy the “moments” to just sit and play at ART!! Keep it coming, it is worth it for you to share you Joy and we need your inspiration.

    • Thank you, patsy, that makes me feel good. I’m glad for any time I can inspire. I’m having a hard time finding time to make art as well. So I try to cram as much into my time as I can. Thanks for reading along.

  3. No wonder you locked Aurora in the bathroom – hopefully with a toy or two, perhaps some string. As for red – amazing you didn’t get a lot of orange or peach when you added the white. Reckon you could tangle with a black Sharpie on that & graphite shading would tone it down a bit. Or just the black Sharpie with white Gelly Roll & some Generals white chalk……… Trying to catch up with your posts…….. bit crazy shop schedule until owners return from holiday

    • I remembered that you were going to be busy. just glad to see your comments. so few people comment. the numbers show that people are looking, but it’s hard to figure out what to post about when there is so little feedback. sigh. and yes, Aurora would not have been helpful at all. hahaha! she has learned how to close the bathroom door. so she spends most of her time in there anyway with the door closed. if we open, she glares at us and closes it again. she is so funny!

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