Dayz Eaze, New Tangle


Don’t let the wording fool you. This is not a brand new tangle – it was published in the Tangle Starts Planner. But – it has never been posted here on the website. So I am correcting that oversight in today’s post.

Dayz Eaze is that pretty section forming the crossbar for the initial A. Didn’t notice this was an initial piece of art? That’s ok, not everyone does. I drew this for a prompt we had in Tangle All Around on Facebook. It was part of our letter prompts along the way and my initial is A, so that’s what I tangled. Dayz Eaze fit well in that section between the TootsieMoon arms.

Here are the instructions. We call these step-outs in the tangle business. The first step and each additional step is shown in red. You can easily draw this pattern by following the steps 1 – 4, and repeating them to cover an area. That’s what I did in the piece of black and white art you see in the teal box.

For this one, I used a pre-colored tile. It has been too long since I made this tile of color but it looks like I may have used Tombows as a watercolor in the background. I filled the larger sections of color with printemps, then filled the remainder of the tile with Dayz Eaze. I hope you will try this pattern, I believe you will like it. Simple to do, although it may look a little more challenging. Those white highlights are plain ole white gelly roll pen.

If you would like to see more of my original tangle patterns you can see them at the top of this page by clicking on My Patterns or you can just click here. You are welcome to use any of them and feel free to pin them. I am working on a step out for a new tangle I have been using lately. Watch for it tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “Dayz Eaze, New Tangle

  1. I will try this pattern, it’s floral nature is right up my alley. Can you tell me the name of the one directly below it that looks like it has a sprinkling of sand in the middle? Thanks. Nice to have your tangles featured in a post. I keep that page marked for quick reference.
    Thank you!

    • I’m thinking you are referring to printemps. seems I always use that one. hahaha! ok, it is totally Sandra Strait’s pattern called Class-EE. wonderful steampunk kind of tangle – you can use it a lot of different ways and embellish and change it up.

  2. Good to see your patterns gathered together on your own blog for reference – it’s where I tend to go to find something that I suspect is yours. This is a lovely versatile pattern with interesting things that can be done using different variations – some day I’ll get a chance to play with it. Meanwhile I enjoy seeing your different applications of it.

    • I hope one day you are able to get back to tangling. I know you have a super busy and full life. not complaining πŸ™‚ I’m just happy to see you here, dear friend. one day we shall meet – face to face – somewhere.

  3. Very nice, Alice. I’ve got the pattern down and now to add it to my work. Throw a snowball for me!

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