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I have been needing to step out this pattern for awhile now. Anemone. It was named by someone looking at my art on Instagram. I use it a lot in underwater art. Here is an example.

Very basic. Those two floating blobs with arms. Very similar to squid but different. Anemone starts with a center core of printemps and tipple, then spirals out with loosely flowing arms. Not necessarily a lot of arms, just loose and moving. The looseness allows the tipple to float out and away from the central mass. It brings the whole tangle to life.

In this piece the anemone are smaller, with fewer printemps, shorter arms and no tipple. Not to be confused with those larger airways.

They look great on any number of background colors. Here I have them mixed in with some crazy looking airways.

Here they are small again – in that top left corner.

If you use anemone on a darker background like these Jane Davenport inks, add a white highlight to the center of each printemps with a white gelly roll pen. I think this was the first time I tangled up some anemone.

And if you shade around that section of printemps, it makes the whole anemone have more life! And though I did not do it in this piece, you can add shade and highlights with graphite and white charcoal (or a white gelly roll pen) on those arms – just like I did with the airways tangle in this photo.

Most definitely my favorite underwater piece – made with alcohol inks. Look right in the center – there is an anemone there that I shaded and highlighted like I just mentioned. Graphite and white gelly roll pen. They even work on alcohol ink. Who knew.

So here is the step out for anemone. I will also add it to the page called My Patterns where I have step outs for a bunch of my own tangles and you are welcome to use them and even to pin them, if you would like. Here is a link. I hope you will show me what you do with anemone. I love to see my tangles show up in people’s art whether on Facebook or Instagram. And if you need a place to learn about tangling, you are welcome to check out my group Tangle All Around. We would love to see you there. For now, I will leave you with a couple links.

Tangle All Around
My Patterns
My Instagram

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12 thoughts on “Anemone, New Tangle

  1. That was a very, very enjoyable post. I will be looking at it again. There are so many interesting things to look at. I have done something like anemone and it is one that I feel very satisfied and successful in doing. One new idea I saw is a patch of Dayz Ease that looks like it is on ripped paper patching, that is a neat idea. Thank you for this cool (brrr, donโ€™t like that word right now) post.

    • hahahaha! it is brrrrrr here today, too ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy the patterns – I would love for you to use them <3

  2. Hi, Alice. I love this pattern. Into my botanical Pinterest board it goes! You offer us so much – Iโ€™m wondering how you find the time to be so prolific?
    Thank you. ?

    • thanks, Sandra, it just happened one night when I was bored to tears and trying to find something to do. hahahaha you know. one of those nights

  3. I’m glad you made a point of showing the difference between Airways & Anemone, that definitely needed doing as well as describing how it differs from Squid. This is a really super post with such detail & examples of each point you are making. Thank you.

    • thanks, evy, Ela added it to the German site this morning. that makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ she has a lot of nice tangles there.

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