A Little Tangle Time


Christine is my dear friend who I met through tangling. Tangling is a way to make some incredible friends and Christine is just that! She helps me oversee the Facebook group, she helps me with this website, she helps me make the books happen. And we talk about our grandbabies and children and art of all kinds. We even met in person this past year when we attended one of Robin Mead’s classes down in Georgia. Everyone needs a Christine-kind of friend. One who loves you just as you are. Who would do anything for you, knowing that you would do the same for them. I have a couple friends like that, and I hope I am known to be that kind of friend myself. Anyway, some time back Christine sent me a beautiful watercolored background. And I know I have a photo of it somewhere. I just need to find it and I will add it here.

I pulled this piece out when it was snowing and added some tangles. The background is shimmery, so I think Christine used the Cosmic Shimmering watercolors to make it. I just had fun adding the tangles. And I think other than printemps, they are all my patterns. I see airways, anemone, baubles, medallion, mooka flop, ribbon rose, roll over and flow fleur. Most of those aren’t published online yet. Fun piece! I added some watercolor highlights with Schmincke watercolors and I love the flow and life in this piece. Thank you, Christine! Love you!

I understand we are supposed to get another storm in a couple days, so I will probably be tangling again! What is tangling and how do you get started? Come over to Facebook and check out our group Tangle All Around. I would love to meet you there!

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10 thoughts on “A Little Tangle Time

  1. Thank you for writing about friendship. It is the joy I can bring to friends that I mostly work for when I create. I am most pleased when I have some thing for a friend or sibling. Have a good day!

    • thanks, kris, I love Christine, she is a true friend. glad you like the artwork, too <3

    • thanks, christine sent me this background some time ago and I am just now getting around to it. so pretty 🙂

  2. Friends are so valuable, so pleased you have Christine to help with all those techie bits. It’s amazing the friendships tangling can bring about across so many miles. Take good care with all that snow.
    Super the way your tangles work with that soft pastel background.

    • It is amazing how we can form such close friendships via the internet before we even meet face to face.

  3. You and Christine have an amazing relationship that is so obvious in your wonderful collaborations! And yes, sweet friend – you too are all those wonderful things! Someday the 4 of us friends will get together and play!! ❤️???

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