You Are Loved, Mixed Media


I love it when a good mixed media piece comes together like you want it to! But, hey! if it doesn’t – you can just paint right over that sucker and keep on going! Right? Hahahaha! So let’s walk through a piece I did recently. I hope you love it!

A member of my Facebook group Tangle All Around was looking for art contributions for a fundraiser for victims of domestic violence. Most of you will not know that I used to investigate those types of cases – crimes of violence against women and children (and the occasional male) so I jumped right at the chance to contribute. I started with a simple piece of wood that I bought at Walmart in the craft section. I opted to leave that tag glued to the front. I figured texture can come from a number of places. Why not start off with some built in texture? I already had the craft paint on hand (no idea why I have 4 bottles of this weak lavender color – which made it a good candidate.) And i just put a good coat over the front and the sides. 

All the paint you see on this piece is going to be your standard cheap variety from Walmart – some of them (like this bottle of neon pink) – only cost 50 cents a bottle. I spread the color on with my fingers.

I don’t typically work with any plan in mind other than to use a lot of bright and bold color. Cause that’s what I like! Tim Holtz’ Distress Stain to the rescue. Just blotted that right on top of everything else. Bamm. Bamm. Bamm. And Bamm.

While it dried, I started digging through my collage drawers and pulling out pieces I liked. A couple pieces of tissue paper, some text from a Christmas Carol (I know that because I can see Fezziwig’s name in that top one!), and some card stock embellishments. I put down a layer of Dina Wakley’s clear gesso, placed the pieces down one by one and added a coat over each piece before I moved onto the next one. I am a little obsessed with this gesso thing so there is also a layer over the top of the entire board once everything was glued down and sealed. Those pieces are not going anywhere! This is seriously the hardest part of this piece. Smoothing and pulling just the right amount as you go so that the pieces dry flat and not all bunched up. But. You are going to get bunched up in places, so just accept it and move on. 

Then I just grunged it up a bit by smearing a couple other colors of craft paint here and there with my fingers. 

These are one of my new favorites from Joggles. I swear Barb needs to be an affiliate. I have links to her shop in almost all my posts! She calls them watercolor art parts. I sprayed some dylusions ink sprays on them and spritzed a bit of water and let the colors blend and move. And once they were dry, I trimmed out a piece for this You Are Loved extravaganza! 

And I started filling in spaces. Going with the theme You Are Loved, I tore a page from an old hymnal  – the song title is Love Lifted Me! An oldie, but a goodie! I could sing you every word of every verse of this song! And I smeared a little color over it. Popped in an awesome butterfly and some flower card stock pieces at the bottom and pulled in that branch of leaves. I lost a lot of the dylusions color when I went over it with the clear gesso. That would be because dylusions are reactivated with wet product. So it blurred the edges a bit – which I really liked! 

Jane Davenport’s Mermaid Markers colored those previously black and white flowers and added color on the butterfly and various other parts of the background. 

That lower left section had gotten way too dark, so I added a layer of watered down white craft paint up that left side and a little into the top. I wanted to pop that maroon color from the distress stain back out, so I used the same bottle of color but didn’t smack it onto the surface this time. I gently placed more controlled dots of color and carried them mostly around the board.  Now the piece has a nice balanced color effect. 

Time for some contrast!!! Joggles has these stencils called Itty Bitty Stencils and they are for . . . itty bitty places in your art! Or ATCs, which is really how Barb promotes them. I used one called Mini Dots for those almost stamped-looking sets of dots. That ‘believe’ is a stamp I’ve had for eons. And that black ring? Well, that is one of my fun finds! You know when you buy a stack of DVDs for recording and you open the package and there is that little white styrofoam circle holding everything in place? Yep! That’s what that black stamp is! I just inked it with a black ink pad and smacked it down here and there. Boom! I’m telling you – I had a blast making this piece!

Then I took some Posca Paint Pens and started mark making everywhere! Little dots, circles, dashes, underlining, dots on the circles . . .  you get the idea. If it is there – mark it somehow!

That heart was getting lost so I outlined it and brought out the word ‘love’, then added some black lines and squiggles to amp up the contrast even more. 

The very last thing I did was to add a bunch of splattered ink. I use a splatter brush for this – the brush part itself looks like a fan. You get it wet with ink and tap the handle against your extended finger and it sprays all this lovely color all across your piece. And usually your desktop and computer screen at the same time. And sometimes even the teal curtains. But hey! It’s all art, so who cares!

I honestly can’t tell if there is anything else added or not. Typically I will put my chop – my initials – in the art somewhere. I try to bury it so mostly you have to go looking for it. If I did that on this piece – then I hid it pretty good because I can’t find it! I really love how this piece turned out! As I was making it, I purposely did not let myself get attached to it because I knew I wouldn’t want to give it away. But I am glad I did. I packaged it right up and shipped it off to the fundraiser where I am sure someone bought it to take home and remind their loved one for all time that You Are Loved!

And if you read this far, thank you! I’d like to say that my how-to posts aren’t always this long but I would be lying. They are always photo heavy. I am a visual learner myself and I have found that I need to see it to remember. So that’s what I do for you. I show you. So you can remember. I hope you will be inspired to try something like this for yourself. It truly is relaxing, freeing, and fun, and you can use whatever bits and pieces of ‘art’ you may have laying around the house. Magazine pictures, sale paper ads, they all work great! And if you would like to make sure you don’t miss a single post here at Artangleology, just fill out these two little blanks and subscribe. Each post (fingers crossed) will go straight to your inbox! Have a super week! <3 

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26 thoughts on “You Are Loved, Mixed Media

    • you are welcome 🙂 looks like everything with the site is working right now. yayayayyyyy!!!!

  1. Wow that is quite a process! It is a story, a biography of a work. Thank you for writing about it and thank you for adding beauty to the world.

    • you are so welcome, thanks for stopping by. this was a fun project – I am thinking about making one for myself

  2. I absolutely love this and the methods you used to create it are wonderful. Thank you – made my morning!

    • I am so glad to be a part of your morning <3 thank you for your kind words - they made my morning <3

  3. Fantastic! I love the hymn you used. We could sing it together. I enjoyed reading and seeing the progression of this piece. I, too, am a visual learned and I LOVE bright and cheery colors.

    • haha! we could absolutely sing together! I’m an alto 🙂 thanks for checking out the post. I do tend to go photo heavy so I’m glad to hear it was worth it <3

  4. You are so talented and have such great vision!
    I love to doodle and am hoping I can put your tutorials to good use. So far, I need “tons” of practice!
    Thanks, Alice!

  5. I have been saving up watercoloured tissue papers, bits and bobs, and lots of ephemera and need to sit down and create a few collages. Yours looks fab, and I’m sure it has found a new home where it will be loved and admired.

  6. So far, this is my favorite article. I love reading and seeing how you create the wonderful pieces you come up with! Masterpieces!!!!

    • hahaha! I hope that is good ‘wow’ and not a bad ‘wow’ hahahahaha! thanks for stopping by <3

  7. Fascinating to see how you do this so spontaneously. I can see it’s very you & am most impressed by your placing of all those spots & circles. The black line work is a super addition & utterly effective.

    • thanks, evy, these pieces are so much fun to make! and it helped that this one had a specific purpose in mind

  8. I loooove your mixed media pieces! They are so bright and joyful! I can feel the love involved in making this piece and that makes it all the better! Love you friend!

    • thanks, Chris, love you, too! this was a fun piece and I wanted it to be special. I think it was and hopefully someone is enjoying it now <3

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