Tangling on Canson Fanboy Illustration Paper


I love tangling large. Think 9″ x 12″ large. I don’t usually have the time because I keep so many irons in the fire all the time, but it is fun to have a large piece started that I can pull out from time to time and work on.

My paper of choice for mindless tangling and no wet media is Canson Fanboy Comic Manga Illustration paper. At 150 lbs, it can handle the wet media with no problem, but I really like it for just drawing. The surface is smooth and it just loves my pens. No messed up nibs, no bumps, no skips, no feathering. Just smooth wonderful lines – at least as wonderful as I can make them. Hahaha! Long, repetitive lines are not really my strong suit. So this makes good practice, in addition to being fun!

This morning I pulled this piece out (I finished it last night) and added some bits of color using my Wink of Stella Zig pens that I was fortunate enough to win in a giveaway awhile back. I think from Jet Pen, but I don’t really recall. Wink of Stellas are wonderful! Bright and they have glitter in them! You know that doesn’t scan well, so I doubt you can tell in this photo.

Bit of a blurry picture but I’m trying to do this with one hand. See the shimmer on the yellow? All the colors do that! and I think it is really pretty. And satisfying to color with. Just bits and pops here and there.

And that’s my tangling for today. I used fiore, printemps and flux. From my own patterns, I used airways, black tie, and cee-a-mosa. You can see several of my own patterns here.

The paper I used for this project can be found here.

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10 thoughts on “Tangling on Canson Fanboy Illustration Paper

  1. Love the elegance of the limited use of colour just here & there, especially with it being sparkly. Striking how the two corner patterns have common features but are different – super effect created by those & they balance they other curvy tangles so well.

    • thanks, evy, you always find the balance in my work. me? I just draw till it looks right. 🙂

  2. I am trying to leave a daily comment so you know that the emails are flowing and the blog is being enjoyed. Hope today is a better day for you. Beautiful work!

    • thanks, Susan, it is a better day. pump people came and installed a new water pump so we are back in business again. so to speak. hahahaha!

    • thanks, Beth, other than not having any water it was pretty good. we couldn’t cook yesterday so we drove into the neighboring truck stop for lunch. that was different hahahaha

  3. What a gorgeous piece!! I just love cee-a-mosa! But my phone sure hates to type it!!

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