Shnek Tangle Pattern Video


Shnek is a handy tangle to be familiar with. It is flexible and you can fit it into so many applications. A border, in the round, as filler – I think it’s a wonderful tangle. Hanny Waldburger is the designer and she is pretty awesome anyway! I like shnek so much I made a YouTube video for you. Here is a link to it. 

I use shnek in my artwork when I can. Here is a piece of art I made in the past. I need to pull this one out and use it some more!

I have other videos available on my YouTube channel and on this site under Tutorials. I would love to see what you do with Shnek! 

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14 thoughts on “Shnek Tangle Pattern Video

  1. You’re such a good teacher! Watching this video made me want to tangle more than anything else I have seen in several months. I got kind of burned out and decided to wait for the desire to draw to come back on its own instead of trying to force it. Maybe I’ll try this pattern tomorrow. btw the pencil brand you like is pronounced ‘Karen Dosh’ according to the pen store that recently sold me one. I asked because I couldn’t tell either… so glad it’s not just me! ??

    • hahahahahahaha! caught me by surprise when I rolled the pencil over and saw the name. I figured it was a Jet Pens pencil – something easy to say. hahahaha!

    • hahaha! it is, but it makes so much difference. I’ll be looking at a piece of art and wondering why it doesn’t look right, then I’ll notice that I hadn’t shaded it yet. sigh

  2. Omg your videos are fantastic…they are so clear and your speak so nice and slow..I love it..shnek<3

    • hahaha! it’s that southern drawl hahahaha! we speak slow in the south. love you, robin!

  3. Love the way you’ve used it on a heavily patterned paper – who’d have thought that would work? I’ve watched this several times & it’s still gripping.

    • I like to tangle on scrapbook paper, and I have a ton of it from when I used to scrapbook. can’t let it go to waste 🙂

  4. Love the video…you make it easy to learn. My Zentangle teacher, Cris, has printed a book “Made in the Shade”. It is great and got me over my anxiety of shading. I never thought it was important, but it does make the tangles jump off the page.

    • Cris and i are good friends. She knows her stuff for sure. Tell her hi for me ❤️

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