Shiretown Tangle Pattern


I plan on slowly adding more patterns to the site. I already have several of them that you can look at here. Today let’s look at Shiretown.

When we flew to Maine to close on our house, we stayed at a hotel called Shiretown. Not much to the hotel, tiny rooms but clean and they served the purpose we needed. We weren’t here on vacation. Hahaha! Anyway, they had a really pretty carpet in the hallway. You want to see? Hahahah!

Here you go! I used to travel a lot and I have folders of carpet and rug photos on my phone, my iPad, my computer. And they make great tangle patterns!

So I took that carpet photo and turned it into a tangle pattern that I named after the hotel – Shiretown.

You can see Shiretown in action here. It works well in the round, but it also works as a band – or a border. It also looks great stacked in layers. Here I mixed it with another tangle of mine called cee-a-mosa. The step out to cee-a-mosa is in the pattern section found here. I would love to see what you do with Shiretown so don’t be bashful.

Looking for a place to learn more about tangling? Head on over to Facebook and join us in my group Tangle All Around. We are on a tangle journey together and we have just enough room for you <3 .

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12 thoughts on “Shiretown Tangle Pattern

  1. Amazing what an impact carpets can have isn’t it? I was trying to see if this would work as a Fragment – it didn’t quite. Fascinating to see you working it in the round so evenly.

    • I’ve drawn this in the round more than any other way. it doesn’t always end up evenly but that’s ok, too 🙂 doing it as a fragment is an interesting thought

  2. I can see real potential for fun and beauty with this one. Although I’d probably add some darkness as I do with most things! Thanks for reminding me of Cee-a-mosa too – I love that tangle of yours!

  3. Alice you are so gifted! I love this pattern! I’ve been so blocked I think this will give me some inspiration! Just lovely! ❤

  4. I would never have thought to shade how you have in the circular version but it’s brilliantly effective. Wonderful seeing your inspiration for this as well. I thought I’d try it as a fragment – until I realised it didn’t conform to the criteria!!

    • hahahahaha! that’s because I don’t like to shade so I found an easier way – quicker 🙂

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