Getting Sketchy on Facebook


Each Saturday morning I make a post on Facebook about a prompt I call Getting Sketchy! Let me show you what I mean: I admin a tangle/art group called Tangle All Around. We have a load of members and one of the rules is – you have to be nice! Hahaha! not even kidding. Each… Continue Reading

Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks


Christmas will be here before you know it and I am still making color posts instead of putting up a tree. Hahaha! Mark has hurt his back again and tree building just wasn’t in the cards this year. Hopefully next year will be better as far as trees go because we have the best house… Continue Reading

String Time!


It’s Thursday, so that means String Time in Tangle All Around! I combined my string time with Hahnemühle and Daler Rowney. Here, let me show you. I admin a Facebook group of super active tanglers. Each week I give them prompts to improve and stretch their tangle skills. Thursday is String Time! They either print… Continue Reading

Embedded Letters


Time for a new tangle technique. And I expect it is going to be all the rage. Embedded letters. Let me show you what I mean. Sure. I know. Not necessarily new. It’s all been done before. But now we are including them in tangle art. And it is so much fun! Let’s walk through… Continue Reading

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse


Review from Jason Hendon, Hazardous Reviews The short version: a great visionary feast with a simple but strong story with a nice moral tied into the end of it.  Into the Spider-Verse is supposedly based on the 2014 comic series simply titled Spider-Verse … I am not really sure how, as the story is vastly… Continue Reading

Shiretown Tangle Pattern


I plan on slowly adding more patterns to the site. I already have several of them that you can look at here. Today let’s look at Shiretown. When we flew to Maine to close on our house, we stayed at a hotel called Shiretown. Not much to the hotel, tiny rooms but clean and they… Continue Reading

The Many Faces of the Frankles


I really need a Family category here on this website. A place to store my photos of Maine, but more importantly my photos of family. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you are already familiar with the Frankles. Not her real name, but what I call her anyway. My youngest daughter – whom… Continue Reading

Bennett Klein Meets Hahnemühle’s Layoutblock


Carol Boss, the Marketing Services Manager at Hahnemühle, USA division (and my dear friend) recently sent me their Layoutblock to experiment with. I was curious to try some Copic Sketch Markers on the paper and Bennett Klein gave me the perfect opportunity! Let me show you my first project. Let’s start by talking about Bennett… Continue Reading

Hahnemühle’s Bamboo Mixed Media Takes the Color Well


Hahnemühle Fine Art has an awesome paper made of bamboo fibers that is excellent for various types of art. I’ve tried watercolors, acrylics, inks, marbling solutions and mixed media techniques with their bamboo mixed media paper. Results have been fantastic! Not long ago, I posted a YouTube video showing the Bamboo Mixed Media paper being… Continue Reading

An Easy Mandala to Make


I love a good mandala as much as the next person. But they can be tricky and many people think they have to be perfect. Perfectly symmetrical. Perfectly lovely. Perfectly everything. The secret to making the perfect mandala is to let go of those perceptions and just have fun! But first, we finally figured out… Continue Reading