Maine Covered in Snow is Beautiful


It is snow season in the north! And we love it here in Maine so much! Good thing! Hahahaha!

Some of you have asked about our house. Here it is. And scary as it may sound – most of this snow came in two snowfalls. Both of which lasted for over 12 hours each.

Mark has his work cut out for him. Since the snow plow truck we bought last year needs some transmission help, Mark decided to put a plow on the front of his nice truck. Now when he plows, he can listen to Storme, Tommy, and MC on The Highway, Sirius XM. Hahahaha! Plowing to the tunes!

That lump on the left would be the old plow truck. Then a trailer, and the tractor is on the right. That’s part of our back yard. That little opening in the woods leads down to the bear cave. For serious. We have pictures to prove it.

This is the road that heads to town. Everything is so pretty covered in snow. Having grown up in Newfoundland, then relocating to Florida – I missed the snow! And the cooler temps! We have that for sure now. The next two days call for a freezing ice storm followed by rain. That might not be so much fun. Eek! Possibly photos to follow soon. Stay safe!

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14 thoughts on “Maine Covered in Snow is Beautiful

    • it is, ro, and we love it! it was one of my requirements when we were house hunting up here

  1. Alice, thank you for the absolutely gorgeous pictures, as here in Texas the weather is freezing one day and then we have the AC on the next day?! Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year of health and happiness and a Great Website!!

    • I do remember those kinds of temperature variations when we lived in Florida. we don’t get that up here for sure. hahaha! merry Christmas to you and your family <3

  2. I can hear how you love the climate & how content you are in Maine. It just flows out of your writing. I visited Florida in 1978 so know what it feels like & having lived with snow half way up a Welsh Mountain I have a little idea of the difference. Take care with the ice storm – not good, & keep warm inside & both of you safe.

    • yes, the ice is unbelievable today. I am going to post a photo of the driveway, but we were able to get out this morning. for a little while at least 🙂

  3. I am so glad that you love snow. It is pretty in pictures. I hope you get plenty of sun too. Good luck with the ice. Thank you for this interesting blog. It is the first hint I read every day. Stay safe and warm.

    • I’m glad to hear that, Susan, thank you for coming here each day 🙂 we do have lots of sun today, even though the high is only expected to be 19. eek!


  5. I scroll through my mailbox to find your postings, read them then empty my inbox. Yep-normally your post is all I read from my inbox. I love your postings, art, home and all!

    • ah! thank you, mavis, that made me smile 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying the new site. and even my snow. hahahaha! thanks <3

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