Let’s Talk Reticula and Fragments


In the tangle world you can hear a lot of questions about what reticula and fragments are. What they are is simple: they are terms set apart by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas of Zentangle HQ to describe a way to achieve seemingly unending results from your tangles.ย 

Let me explain it in simple laymen’s terms. Cause that is what makes sense to me. In my tangle pattern Your Call, you see the three basic steps to make a block. An easy block for sure. That one little block is a unit. I call it a unit. Rick and Maria call it a fragment. Same thing. Reticula is just another word for framework, for grid, for structure. It is the area you put your units into. So in the artwork you see above, I drew a grid frameworkย and I filled each section with a unit of Your Call. I rotated my units in different directions, making these results totally random. Reticula and fragments. Framework and units. A rose is a rose is a rose. Boom! You’re welcome!

Please feel free to pin Your Call to your Pinterest boards. It will be debuting in a book I hope to have ready by the end of the year. Yay!!!! You can also see it in the My Patterns section of this site.ย 

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23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Reticula and Fragments

  1. Thanks for clarifying that. I’m no longer confused. Love the new tangle. Glad you posted on FB because I did not receive my email today.

    • yes, no one got last night’s post and I don’t know why. have contacted the email people to try to figure it out. glad this made sense. reticula and fragments are just big words for an easy process.

    • it’s hard to find time for play this time of year. if you fit it in, I’d love to see what you do

  2. You’re right this unit or fragment could result in no end of variations when combined in different orientations within just the plain grid framework/reticula. Definitely need some time to play about with this, add some coloured Microns into the mix & you need a computer I reckon………… for the different combinations. Sorry to hear you’re having email trouble again – yes, I didn’t get one either. Hope it will be sorted for you soon.

    • thanks, sounds like no one got the post. I do get tired of making posts that no one sees unless they go looking for them. tomorrow’s post is going to be a TEST and see if anyone gets it.
      rick and Maria made a big thing out of reticula and fragments, but they are really simple to understand. then you just have to play with them once you get to that point ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am so glad to read this! thank you ! I hoped I wasn’t oversimplifying it and I don’t think I did. it makes more sense now

  3. Great explanation for a subject that was made unnecessarily complex. I think the word ‘motif’ is used in traditional design, but ‘Unit’ is a much better word, one that carries meaning for the modern reader.

    • one lady commented about quilting and the word ‘unit’ meaning a block – that makes sense to me and is probably why I came up with that word specifically ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m glad, Cathy, when reticula and fragment first came out it sounded so hard, but it really isn’t

  4. Excellent explanation. These remind me of quilt designs so the term โ€œunitโ€ resonates.

  5. Thank you Alice. Clear and simple! I can’t draw at the moment because of a painful wrist and thumb and really missing it. I love the blog. X

  6. wonder tangle, received my TESTESTEST email but was unable to send you a reply, hope this gets to you

    • This did get to me. I have it set up so I can approve the comments before they post. Trying to weed out spammers.

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