Hahnemühle’s Bamboo Mixed Media Takes the Color Well


Hahnemühle Fine Art has an awesome paper made of bamboo fibers that is excellent for various types of art. I’ve tried watercolors, acrylics, inks, marbling solutions and mixed media techniques with their bamboo mixed media paper. Results have been fantastic!

Not long ago, I posted a YouTube video showing the Bamboo Mixed Media paper being used with Marabu Easy Marble to make several artworks like the one you see above. They turned out great! Readers asked if one could draw or tangle on these. Absolutely!

I used a Tombow 01 Mono Drawing Pen with super results. Printemps and crescent moon are easy tangles to get started with.  Here is a link to the post I made that includes the Easy Marble video. 

I also used some of Ken Oliver’s liquid watercolors to make backgrounds on a few more of the Bamboo Mixed Media cards from Hahnemühle. It was the first time I used the liquid watercolors and I love the results I was able to get! And they worked great with the bamboo! You can check out that post here

I enjoy making color backgrounds and I literally have stacks of them in my studio. People ask me all the time what I do with them. Well, I do a number of things with them ranging from tangling, art journaling, mixed media projects, to collage work. What you can do with these backgrounds is only limited by what you can imagine.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday with all I need to complete before the end of the month. Deadlines I’ve set for myself and all the obligations I have just kind of piled up. I just sat down and decided to put all of that to one side for 15 minutes. And I reached for my color stack. Dingsplatz are all the rage right now in the tangle word. Yep! You read that right! Dingsplatz! Hahaha! So I decided to give it a go and I really enjoyed it. I will make a video soon, but basically you draw the loopy line around in a circular shape, aura it on the inside, then aura it on the outside, and fill it all in with tangles. And of course I turned to my go-to tangles: Printemps and ripped screen. Loads of fun and it calmed me right down. I can’t find a link to ripped screen online (I need to fix that) so here it is just for you.

This was great fun and I was able to use a couple very different types of wet media on the Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media cards with super success!

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Interested in the Bamboo Mixed Media cards? Click here
For the Ken Oliver Liquid Watercolors, click here
Marabu Easy Marbles can be found here
Need a place to hang out and learn about tangling? Come to Facebook and check out my awesome group Tangle All Around! We would love to meet you there!

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12 thoughts on “Hahnemühle’s Bamboo Mixed Media Takes the Color Well

  1. Another beautiful post. It was informative, friendly, colorful and I appreciate the step out for ripped screen. I did figure out how to do it on my own last October, but it is so nice to have instructions and ideas for how to use it. I am coming to the conclusion that videos are not my first choice for learning how to do a design. I prefer to use a video when I do not understand the step out. Just some thoughts from me. Have a good day and weekend.

    • I like having both – a step out and a video for the patterns . I’m glad you like ripped screen 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having a stressful time with it all but enormously pleased that your notifications seem to have got straightened out finally! The Dingsplatz look intriguing & a very novel idea. I treated myself to a month of the Mosaic App & have watched every single video plus read every Tangles, Tips & Techniques post – so just having seen the Dingsplatz one it’s fascinating to see you having that as part of the fb I Dare You.

    • there is a lot of information on the mosaic. glad you are able to check it out 🙂 dingsplatz was fun and I should be doing all the I Dare You!s but time seems to run out for me.

  3. We love your color selections, your creative mind, and that you’re just such a wonderful person to share your experiences and teach us!

  4. I love the Hahnemühle Bamboo paper! I’ll second your frustration with self-imposed deadlines. And the crazy thing is, as soon as I manage to get to them, I just add more so I can continue to freak out, lol!

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