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Each Saturday morning I make a post on Facebook about a prompt I call Getting Sketchy! Let me show you what I mean:

I admin a tangle/art group called Tangle All Around. We have a load of members and one of the rules is – you have to be nice! Hahaha! not even kidding. Each week I give the members some challenges or prompts to work with to develop and grow their tangling skills. I was in the habit of practicing new patterns in a sketchbook and I thought it would be nice to show my work to let the members know they aren’t expected to be perfect. It is ok to scratch out the stuff you don’t like. It is ok not to get it right the first time. It is ok to totally hate a pattern. And I figured if we shared our sketchbook scribbles and scratches with each other – we could learn from one another. Why should I make the same mistakes Chris made? And why should Evelyn make the same mistakes I made? (And right about now, Chris is wondering what she did wrong and Evelyn is wondering what I did wrong. Hahahaha!) I thought it would make a great prompt and it is the one that has consistently been a hit.

I called the prompt Getting Sketchy because a lot of us practice in sketchbooks and it kind of stuck with me. (Also I am retired law enforcement and ‘getting sketchy’ was a term we used for someone shady or looking like they were up to no good, so I get a chuckle every time I say ‘getting sketchy.’ Hahahaha!) So here are my getting shady (hahahaha!) pages from this week. (*Note. I totally didn’t type that intentionally. I’m just seeing ‘shady’ now that I’m proofreading and I’m leaving it there!) See that scribbled out section up there? That is totally one I will never do again. I didn’t like it before I tried it. I like it even less now. But OA and Harvey and Torni – all of those I will try again because I liked them. Torni is a bit of a challenge for me, it will take several times before I remember the steps by myself. AND I am proud to say 2 of those 3 tangle patterns were designed by members of Tangle All Around.

That A-frame is a definite keeper. Those little blocks of A are what is called a unit. You can rotate them any direction you want and when you have your completed piece – it will look different every time, depending on which direction you turned those units. 1 2 3 O’Leary was a fun one! It’s a keeper! And I love both the other two! Loopy R’s is by a friend in my group also. Little notes or reminders to yourself are an important part of Getting Sketchy. And the name of the pattern and the designer are important so you can recall them later and give credit where it belongs. Getting Sketchy! It’s where it’s at on Saturdays. Or, as I told one member in a photo comment a few minutes ago, any day is a good day to get sketchy! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Want to join us? Come knock on the door here and I’ll let you in.
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6 thoughts on “Getting Sketchy on Facebook

  1. LOL, love your humor!!!
    Getting Sketchy…and now Getting Shady – such a great idea!

  2. You made me smile too – Huh, what’s Evelyn doing in your post?? Love the ‘Getting Shady’ – a new prompt perhaps?? Getting Sketchy has been my favourite prompt though haven’t managed to participate, it’s such a valuable resource to have & I really want to get back to it.

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