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A few days ago I showed you a process using Marabu’s new Graphix Aqua Inks. I made three tiles with some really pretty results. My friend Christine asked if the inks were waterfast. My response was let’s find out!

Running the risk of messing up my favorite tile, I grabbed a water brush and dripped a couple drops of water right into the prettiest parts of the color. Then dabbed it up with a tissue and yes, the color did lift away. So, no. They are not waterfast, they reactivate when wet. I did the only wise thing at that point – grabbed a bottle of water and sprayed it across the top of the tile. Hahahaha! Cause, why not at this point?

Here is one of my most used products in my studio – the handy-dandy tissue! Kleenex brand, in case you wondered. Hahahahaha! They work better than paper towels for this. You can lift a little OR lift a lot. Paper towels aren’t so forgiving and flexible.

See that splotchy lower left area? That is where I touched down with the tissue and lifted away water and color. I liked the way it looked. More subtle than where I dumped those drops earlier.

Here is what it looked like when I blotted some more. I like the softness I got with the lifts. Didn’t completely obliterate those drops from the first experiment, but it made two of the three less noticeable.

This is how much color lifted away. And this was after the tile lay on my desk for a couple days. Now, some people throw these tissues away and say yuck! Not me. I say ooh!!! look at that beautiful color!!! And then I drape them over the back of my chair, let them dry, then stick them in my collage drawer. Because they make wonderful backgrounds for collage pages. Never waste a thing! Shoot! It’s paid for! Why throw it away if it can be used later for something awesome?

And here is the final result. I still love it even with those little moons on it. Or maybe the whole piece is the moon and those three little dots are craters. Hmmm. Nah!!! Hahahaha! Now, to tangle on this tile!

My last post showed beautiful snow photos from Maine. Well, that post was actually made a few days ago and scheduled to go live last night. In the interim, we had two days with temperatures in the 40s and 50s and a full 24 hours of rain. Yuck! But, what that did was melt a load of our snow and turn it into standing water. Parts of the yard are better than others, and yes, we do still have snow, but what we have this morning is a whole lot of ice! Temperatures dropped over night into the teens and now for the next 14 days, the temps are not supposed to get above freezing. So this ice is here to stay. What are we looking at here? Our driveway. And the area we have to walk on to get to the car. Going anywhere, anytime soon? I think not. Hahaha! And I say good luck to the dogs when they need to go outside to do their stuff. Have fun! And remember to come back inside when you are done. And close the door! Brrrr. And just to remind you – I do love it here!

Why not invite your friends over to Facebook to Tangle All Around. It’s a happening kind of tangle place with lots of nice people! No snarkiness or meanness allowed. I’d love to have you and your friends be part of the crew! And in case you get busy and I don’t see you tomorrow, Merry Christmas! May God shine on you and your family and fill you with the blessings and joy that only He can give! Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the one and only true Messiah and Savior! Love you all!

If you should want to check out Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks for yourself, they are currently on sale for 50% off here.

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6 thoughts on “Followup on the Marabu Graphix

  1. Beautiful! Now it will be fun and interesting to see the tissue in its final act. Merry Christmas!

  2. I think that tile is lovely & you’ll not notice those few small areas you’re a bit unhappy with once you’ve tangled over the area.
    Glad you’re not going anywhere, ice like that is absolutely treacherous.
    Enjoy the time with Mark tomorrow – with Christmas Blessings to you all.

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