Daler Rowney for some Quick and Easy Tiles


I love my Hahnemühle YouTangle.art Tiles and I love pairing them with some bright and beautiful colors! Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Inks for example – the two are a match made in heaven! In art heaven! 

Recently I showed you how I made these tiles. Really easy, actually, and you can make a bunch in a short amount of time. The one above is my favorite from that batch. I used the YouTangle.art tiles and colored 15 tiles in about 15 minutes. For this one I used: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent blue and magenta. Just those three colors. The way they run and blend caused all the other colors to appear. Love it! Now I just need to add some tangles! 

Very similar, I made this one from the remnants of color left on my craft mat. Still just those three colors. Just a note here, you are seeing these in large format. Keep in mind, these tiles are 3.5″ square. 

And one last one before I cleaned off the craft mat. I love how the color just keeps on giving and giving. I do believe I spritzed a little water on the mat to help the colors make it through three tiles. 

Then I switched gears and went into purple mode. Hahahaha! I added a bottle of Dr Ph Martin’s iridescent orchid to the Daler Rowney Fluorescent yellow and a tad of magenta. 

Much of the color adhered to that first tile, so this one just picked up the leftovers. Then I added just a bit more orchid (cause I really love it! love the sparkle and shimmer! ) and . . . 

. . . added some Daler Rowney fluorescent orange and fluorescent yellow. So glad I learned how to spell ‘fluorescent’ today! Squished the tile around and around and smooshed some more, then lifted and this is what I got. I absolutely love these colors together! There is just something about the purples and oranges together that appeals to me! And no, that is not mud! Hahahaha!

I sprayed a little water into the color on the mat, then placed this tile face down into it and lifted. I think it’s beautiful! Looks like a Rorschach test, doesn’t it!

I added a little magenta into the remains and pulled a tile through all the color to get these results. You do get different results depending on whether you smooshed or squished or pulled or dragged. Hahahaha! You do!

I did love the fluorescents, so I cleaned the craft mat off with a wipe (cause that is how craft mats work) and put down a couple drops of the orange and a couple of the yellow. It really is as simple as placing your tile face down into the ink, tapping it down with a fingertip, then lifting and setting it aside to dry. I have a big sheet of cardboard I keep for times like this. I can fit 15 drying tiles on it at one time.

Usually you can color two or three tiles before you need to add either more color or a bit of water. 

From there I went to fluorescent pink  and just a tad of fluorescent green – without cleaning off the mat. That meant I was able to still pick up a bit of yellow and traces of orange. 

I added some more water and let the colors merge, then lifted this tile. 

And then because I liked it so much, I added a little more green and just made this tile. I love how all the colors work! Even the ones that you wouldn’t typically put together. I love them all! My plan now is to take one of these tiles each day and tangle it. 

This is the tile I used in the mixed media post where I showed you how to make these. I love it! Then I used a white gelly roll pen and tangled up a bunch of Articulated Molygon, that was in a separate post. It is really fun to play with color and the Hahnemühle YouTangle.art Tiles and Daler Rowney acrylic artists inks are the perfect match! If I count correctly, I used 7 colors to make this entire set of tiles. Pretty cool!

Want to grab some YouTangle.art Tiles? Get them here
Want to check out the Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks? Right here
Need a craft mat? Go here

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10 thoughts on “Daler Rowney for some Quick and Easy Tiles

  1. Well – now there’s another thing we have in common, purple & orange predilection! That’s why I love crocus or crocii or crocuses (take your pick). Purple & yellow’s pretty good too. Looks like the white Gelly Rolls will be making another appearance.

  2. Wow, Alice! These are really pretty and look like a lot of fun to make. Thank you for making me NEED more art supplies! I really don’t have room for them, but I will keep them on my wish list for now. Awesome post!

    • I know what you mean. it is a never-ending job to figure where to stash the supplies. hahaha! true story!

  3. Beautiful tiles – and thanks for the tip about a big piece of cardboard to dry them on! Duh! I usually have tiles laying everywhere and then I can’t find my desk! Geesh, really, it’s as simple as a big piece of cardboard!

    • thank you so much! I love playing with color – but I guess you already figured that out 🙂

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