Bird Art Anyone?


Christmas Eve our water pump died. What bad timing! Our neighbor helped us find some incredibly nice fellows who came out in the middle of the night and tried to figure it out. Sadly it was not an easy fix. While the guys looked at the pump, I made some birds for collage art. Yay!!! So fun and literally took about 5 minutes, tops.

These were the sum total of my supplies. All of which can be found at Joggles. com. I’ll put links at the bottom of the post, but I do need to tell you about the birds! Barb at Joggles calls them Watercolor Art Parts, this set is called Birdy 1. They come already mostly punched out on Strathmore 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. Perfect for this idea! I spread out my little craft mat and grabbed a few colors of ink sprays from Dylusions and Marabu. Add a spray bottle of water and I was good to go!

If you haven’t used Dylusions Ink Sprays you’d best get prepared to spend a few dollars. Hahahaha! One of the best art investments you can make! I began by spraying water all across the sheet of birds. It looks like I used bubblegum pink, lemon zest and London blue for colors. Where blue and yellow met – I got green and where the pink and yellow met – I got orange. Pretty sure I just used three colors. I sprayed the ink into the water and let the colors start spreading and mixing. Where I felt they needed a little help – I spritzed a bit more water. If I thought an area was too dark – I added more water. Then I used a heat gun to push the color into areas that didn’t have any.

This is the reverse side. You can see where color bled through the slits and I thought I should color this side as well. That way when I use a bird for collage work – I can choose which side I want to use and the birds being two-sided gives me more placement options in the piece of art. I placed the sheet face down on my craft sheet knowing the other side was not totally dry and would be leaving color on the mat.

What I didn’t get a picture of was this – I let that excess color get onto the craft mat, then I flipped this back over and rubbed the white side through the color on the mat. Then turned it back over to this side face up. I thought it needed a bit more color, so I sprayed some magenta and apple Marabu Art Spray in a few areas and sprayed the whole thing with more water.

I was a little heavy handed on the green and that gave me a wet, sloppy mess. I used my kitchen towel roll and went back and forth each way across the surface. Makes a fine mess on your towels! But . . .

. . . it leaves behind this wonderful texture! As it dries, some of that texture will absorb into the paper. Some spreads out and softens. And some will stay just as lovely. Overall you get a nice, soft, pretty blend!

Once the sheet was completely dry, I finished cutting them apart. Each of Barb’s art parts are usually attached in two or three places so they come apart really nicely! And here is my finished bird collection! One thing to remember is the Dylusions Inks are not water fast. They will reactivate if they come into contact with wet media. Which comes in handy if you have an area that is really just too dark! You can spray water on it and blot it with a tissue. That color will lift right up into a lighter tone underneath. The Marabu sprays are acrylic pigment inks and are waterproof! Now I just need to find a page in my collage book and start working on a piece of art that calls for a cute little bird!

Joggles Watercolor Art Parts can be found here.
Marabu Art Spray is right here.
Dylusions Ink Sprays are right here.

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17 thoughts on “Bird Art Anyone?

  1. Great post, as always, but did not get the email this morning. Just wanted to let you know. Now it is saying duplicate comment looks like you already said that and will not let me post this comment.

    • thanks for letting me know. I had not realized it hadn’t gone out. and I don’t know how to make it go out. I am hoping it goes with the post scheduled tonight. I did get both of your comments. I have this set up so I approve every comment. that way we weed out the spam before everyone sees it

    • they are called Art Parts, not very expensive either. barb adds to them periodically. they would be super with the collage work you do!

    • me, too! hahaha! cause I have no idea how I am going to use them right now. collage for sure

  2. It’s in those emergency moments that you need to have some art materials to hand that you can destress with. Lost our electricity in Wales for a while – so I remember keeping myself amused by drawing a heart Celtic knot from a tutorial I had, parts if I think I did by candlelight. Glad you got it fixed.

    • that sounds like fun! drawing by candlelight. these birds were fun to work on, I did some deer the next day. working on a collage piece for mark with those

    • thank you! they were fun to do and now I need to figure out where to use them 🙂 I don’t know why today’s post didn’t go out. I am guessing because of the weather.

  3. Love those birds! I noticed that WordPress was acting weird around the time your post should have gone out, so it may have been a temporary glitch. My post seems to have gone out alright, a couple of hours later. We’ll hope the problem is temporary.

  4. Great birds, colours are wonderful, would like to see them use in another one of your art creations. Happy New Year

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