Bennett Klein Meets Hahnemühle’s Layoutblock


Carol Boss, the Marketing Services Manager at Hahnemühle, USA division (and my dear friend) recently sent me their Layoutblock to experiment with. I was curious to try some Copic Sketch Markers on the paper and Bennett Klein gave me the perfect opportunity! Let me show you my first project.

Let’s start by talking about Bennett Klein. He is an amazing artist whose career is known far and wide in the serious coloring community. From what little online material I could find about Bennett, seems he has been drawing for close on to 50 years. I ‘met’ Bennett on Facebook where he manages an active group of over 11,000 members – Colour My Sketchbook by Bennett Klein. I joined the group and was amazed by Bennett’s super detailed and intricate artwork. He also has a page called Bennett Klein Art & Design. There is an entire line of his coloring books available on Amazon. At least 14 and I have like 5 or 6 of them. At least at the time of this posting. Within the past week or two, Bennett made this awesome Ouroboros dragon available on Facebook for us to download and color.

I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try out my first sheet of the Layoutblock paper. The cover identifies this as special paper for fibre pens, fineliners and markers. At just 35 lbs. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The website says color would not bleed through, but I needed to be convinced. So I pulled out my Copic Sketch Markers and went to work. Because of the way Bennett shades his artworks, they pretty much look shaded already once you color them. Yet, having been trained in the way of the Copic many years ago, I adhered to the three shades of color in all these areas. Three shades of blues, teals, reds, golds. Just to see what would happen. And what that means is that in most areas there are 6-9 layers of color. What I expected to happen was major, serious bleed through.

What did not happen was major, serious bleed through. Those colors did not bleed through the paper. I did get some pretty awesome ghosting. And truthfully I am not sure what the difference is artistically, but that color did not go through the paper. And Copics literally bleed through everything.

A lot of people who color Bennett’s artworks leave them like you see in my first colored page above. As a tangle artist, I needed to see some black lines somewhere. Hahahaha! So, I used my Tombow 01 Mono Drawing Pen to outline and add some minor details – really just boosting the ones Bennett already had. And, the pen worked great over the Copics! I super love this dragon! You know how I am about dragons!  I totally have the dragon coloring book!

I hope to try many more projects on this Layoutblock paper before I do a full review. I can tell you for this particular project – the paper worked super awesome with the Copic markers! And the Tombow pen loved this paper!

Need somewhere to hang out and tangle? Or learn tangling? Visit me on Facebook at Tangle All Around, cause that is the happening tangle place!
* Bennett’s books can be purchased here. And you need at least 3! 🙂
* Want to pick up some Layoutblock for yourself?
Check it out here. Pretty sure that is in Germany, not available in the United States. Yet.
* Copic Markers? Here, but know that they are not lightfast so I wouldn’t sink a lot of money into them. Wish I’d known that when I bought mine.

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14 thoughts on “Bennett Klein Meets Hahnemühle’s Layoutblock

  1. you mentioned free download regarding dragon posted on facebook from Bennet Klein, there is no link or any other information how to obtain this print. If you can help me, greatly appreciate it. Joan

    • let me ask Bennett where it is and I’ll get back to you. I downloaded a couple weeks ago.

  2. This is interesting, but probably nothing I would look into. I will check out Mr. Klein. I am curious as to the meaning of copic?

    Thank you, always good to Star the day with your thoughts.

    • thanks, Susan, glad you are enjoying my new site and the hopefully daily posts. Copics are a type of alcohol marker. they come in a bunch of colors so you can shade with a similar color marker

  3. 1 – I wonder how this dragon would look as a full-size metal sculpture . . . just saying
    2 – I love the idea of being able to color the grayscale art – do you use an inkjet or laser printer?
    3 – please let us know when we can get layoutblock
    4 – of course you had to add black lines
    5 – what # of his book has the dragons

  4. Your selective use of the Tombow Mono really accentuates the drawing beautifully after your colouring – even more effective when coloured the Topic way for the shading is brought to life more strongly than if you’d not used that method. Interesting paper indeed.

    • and it was fun! the paper is interesting. I want to try it for stamping next, and alcohol inks. I have no idea at all what to expect but isn’t that part of the fun?

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