An Easy Mandala to Make


I love a good mandala as much as the next person. But they can be tricky and many people think they have to be perfect. Perfectly symmetrical. Perfectly lovely. Perfectly everything. The secret to making the perfect mandala is to let go of those perceptions and just have fun!

But first, we finally figured out what happened with the site! Something was obviously broken and it took quite some time to figure it all out. But what I have come up with is this – this is who broke my website. It must have been a side effect:

Hahahahaha! OK, now back to our regularly scheduled post! Hehehehehehehe!

I used a few circle things – hahaha! – and traced out a basic template. It isn’t perfect but it works. Those segments are not perfectly the same size, they are approximately-almost in-the-ballpark same size. And that works for having fun and not stress. Then I used a lovely shade of watercolor – called opera pink – and made some thin dabs of color along each sector line and in the center between each set of marks. And I was off to a super start with my fun mandala!

Remember to keep it fun and easy!

Then I did the same thing with some may green. I think those are my two favorite schmincke colors. Actually I am certain they are! And for a fun and easy mandala they are what I grabbed first! Well. You get the idea. Grab the colors you like and make some marks. Some dots, some swipes, some dabs. Whatever floats your boat. Just get some colors onto that mandala template.

Check out my portable paint set!

I just kept adding more lines and swipes along those circular lines until I got to a point that seemed to be enough. And I thought I’d show you my portable watercolor kit. The container and half palettes were purchased on Amazon. Then I just added colors from the various watercolor tubes I have in my studio. Little bits here and there. I found more than I realized I had. That little brush is one I keep filled with water so it is ready for use whenever I reach for it. Super easy. 

Then I used my Tombow 01 Mono Drawing Pen to start adding some tangling. I figured working from out to in would work well for me. 

When you make your easy mandala, just work the sections in whatever order you want. Loops, copada, stacks, stars, orbs, whatever you think fits is absolutely fine! I promise!

You will have parts you like best – like this central star – and parts you wish were different. Like the pencils marks I didn’t remove before I painted yellow over them. Hahahaha! Those are there for posterity!

Really. Just have fun! That’s all there is to it. And give yourself permission to play! There is no art police on my watch!

Love those little antenna wires! Hahaha! Beep! Beep! I did believe it needed a bit of contrast, though, so I added it with those darkened sections. 

And a little aura-ing is always in season! Just add your chop – or signature – and look forward to the next piece of art you are going to create! Cause there is always one more just over the horizon! Fun art is where it’s at! It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just start with what you have and do what seems fun. And do it again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. 

Want to grab one of these empty paint tins? Get it here. Remember you will need to add your own colors. 
Water brush? Right here
Tombow 01 Mono Drawing Pen? Here. I buy them by the box of 12.

I hope I am keeping you inspired. Cause that is what I am here to do! To share the journey and learn together! If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can. Just fill in these blanks and hit ‘subscribe’ and each post will drop straight to your inbox. And it makes me smile. Till tomorrow <3 

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20 thoughts on “An Easy Mandala to Make

  1. I do love that Tombow mono drawing pen…it’s so comfortable to draw with. I found it to be a little lighter in weight and slightly bigger in diameter than my usual microns. Plus I didn’t destroy the tip. I thought it was dye-based instead of pigment, though…is it waterproof?

    • excellent question, sandy! and one I had to google because I haven’t added anything wet over the top yet. according to Jet Pens this water-based pigment ink marker IS indeed waterproof. I am buying them by the box of 12 because I use them that much. I received my first one in an Art Snacks box awhile back and liked it right away!

  2. Thank you this was another wonderful post. And you are so right, for me, fun with art is where it is at. If what I do I can share and add to the beauty of someone else’s life then I am even happier. Alice, thanks for adding beauty to the world. All will be well.

    • thank you for those sweet words, they are so true! fun and beauty and sharing. it’s all good <3

  3. Oh a good reminder. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to making a mandala/zendala symmetrical. I love making them and really get into a zone. But it is when I let go that I really have fun. I will definitely try your method of using the watercolor to start out . Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. WOW! I want to be like you when I grow up. I’m learning so much from you. I want to try everything. Thanks for sharing all these lessons.

    • hahaha! thanks! I just tried art 6 years ago, before that I hadn’t done anything other than finger painting when my kids were little. I learned everything by way of Pinterest and YouTube, now I’m hoping I can just share some of that with you here. play and experiment. that’s the key <3

      • Thanks. I plan on buying some supplies this weekend. I want to try this technique and the one with the brayer where you made tiles.

  5. Damn Ralph!! LOL!
    Seriously – this is the perfect way to address a mandala! I have never tried one…because…well, that whole perfect thing you talk about! This makes it look so easy and fun and pretty and colorful and all the things you bring to our life every day! Luv ya Alice!

    • hahahahaha! I thought Ralph was the perfect scapegoat. hahahaha! and yes, this is a way to make mandalas fun. I hope you’ll try one. I love you, too!

  6. Makes total sense – repetive marks is what it’s all about! When you repeat over & over the eye adjusts to any small imperfections & smoothes them out. Love the dancing play between colour & black line work.

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