A Whole Lot of Diva Dance Rock ‘n Roll!


Sounds like we are going to have a dance party with that post title! Hahahaha! So not having a dance party, sorry. Well, we could if you want to. I’m up for just about anything these days.

But first, let me tell you about my Diva Dance rock ‘n roll art. Yep, that is the name of the primary tangle pattern in this approximately 12″ x 16″ piece of artwork. I used a sheet of Cézanne Hot Pressed watercolor paper from Hahnemühle, some water and two colors of Dylusions Inks Sprays. I did this quite awhile back and don’t really know where a photo of the before would be hiding. If I can find it, I will come back and add it into the post later.

For color I used lemon zest and postbox red in the Dylusions Ink Sprays. Just the two colors. And lots of water. Then I used my heat gun to push the color around and finally to dry it. I really like using the block of Cézanne from Hahnemühle. It is a pad of paper, but it is glued on all 4 sides with just a slit where you can slide a palette knife in to work your way around and remove the page once it is totally dry. This way your art dries flat no matter how much water you use! And once it was completely dry – that is what I did. Knives don’t work well because you tend to cut your paper. A metal palette knife (not the same kind of knife) will slide and dislodge the piece of paper without any damage. All that was left was to add the tangle patterns. I am positive I started with printemps. I looked for blocks of color and just started filling them in. As big as this piece is I used just three patterns to fill it in. Printemps, diva dance rock ‘n roll and crescent moon. And they were really all I needed. Now for that dance party!

You can find the Cézanne Hot Pressed watercolor paper here.
The Dylusions Ink Sprays are here.
And a palette knife is here.

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14 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Diva Dance Rock ‘n Roll!

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve had luck with a small plastic knife that have for removing sheets from the blocks. I hadn’t thought about trying a metal palette knife. I think I’ve got one of those around here somewhere. Thanks for the tip.

    • I started off using a paring knife and that was a disaster. hahaha! I actually googled it to see how to do this and I think I asked Jennifer.

  2. Wow this is fantastic. Great detail design, and wonderful colours make the rose’s or flowers if you don’t mind me naming them ” POP ” Enjoy seeing your art doodle creations , an look forward to more.

    • oh that’s so sweet, Roseanne! I like zooming in , too. you can see so much more detail.

  3. Amazingly striking with the way the auras of Diva Dance Rock ‘n Roll echo those of Crescent Moon & I love how they cohere down the left side particularly. The White Diva Dances really draw the eye too. You certainly got some practice under your belt with those 3 patterns.

    • haha! yes, they are easy for my hand to do. in multiples. I do love the way they look together, too!

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