5 Petals, an Original Tangle Pattern Video


I have been thinking about how to tag my YouTube videos here on the new site. I am thinking sticking them all under ‘Tutorials’ may be a good place. So, look at the top of this page. You see where it says ‘Tutorials’ – that will be where they are all. On your cell phone? See those three little white bars on the black background up there? Click on those. Or you may be able to search ‘video’ and find them. I will work on that next. hahahaha! In the interim, here is a video I just posted on my YouTube channel. It’s called 5 Petals! I’m posting the step outs here, too. And if you want to see some of my other tangles, just click here

Hopefully, that was crystal clear. 5 Petals is a forgiving, easy and fun tangle to work with. I’d love to see what you do with it :). 

Feel free to pin this tangle to your Pinterest board. 

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4 thoughts on “5 Petals, an Original Tangle Pattern Video

    • yay!!! it finally worked!!! so exciting 🙂 I love the floral tangles, too. you will be seeing lots more here

  1. This is such a pretty tangle & so versatile. I do like the way you’ve shaded it leaving the petals clear with the auras taking the graphite & so being ‘behind’ – I think I might finally be ‘getting it’ with shading: watching Rick & Maria’s videos on the Mosaic App (treated myself to a month of that) I keep hearing that it’s not conventional shading according to light………….. it’s to do with the pattern. It’s that shading with the light that’s made my head hurt.

    • yes, that was hard for me to grasp, too. shading the tangle, not according to light. we just toss that whole concept out the window

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