Review: Black Book from Hahnemühle


I love drawing on black paper! Hahnemühle has a sketchbook I want to tell you about today! And I’m going to be giving a copy away in my Facebook group called Tangle All Around today as well. They simply call it the Black Book. And that is totally what it is. A spiral bound collection… Continue Reading

A Whole Lot of Diva Dance Rock ‘n Roll!


Sounds like we are going to have a dance party with that post title! Hahahaha! So not having a dance party, sorry. Well, we could if you want to. I’m up for just about anything these days. But first, let me tell you about my Diva Dance rock ‘n roll art. Yep, that is the… Continue Reading

Bird Art Anyone?


Christmas Eve our water pump died. What bad timing! Our neighbor helped us find some incredibly nice fellows who came out in the middle of the night and tried to figure it out. Sadly it was not an easy fix. While the guys looked at the pump, I made some birds for collage art. Yay!!!… Continue Reading

Sunset on Hahnemühle Cézanne


Awhile back I had the opportunity (read that as ‘challenge’) to watercolor on a large sheet of Cézanne Hot Pressed Watercolor paper from Hahnemühle. It is not typical for me to #1: watercolor. Nor to #2: watercolor on something so huge. Hahnemühle put out a call for artwork featuring the color red for a project… Continue Reading

Tangling on Canson Fanboy Illustration Paper


I love tangling large. Think 9″ x 12″ large. I don’t usually have the time because I keep so many irons in the fire all the time, but it is fun to have a large piece started that I can pull out from time to time and work on. My paper of choice for mindless… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas – You Are Loved!


It’s finally here! Christmas morning! And it’s a white one for sure here in Maine! It is Christmas morning! At least, here in the United States it is. I pray your day goes well. Whether you are with family – or if you are alone – I pray God will bless you and make you… Continue Reading

Followup on the Marabu Graphix


A few days ago I showed you a process using Marabu’s new Graphix Aqua Inks. I made three tiles with some really pretty results. My friend Christine asked if the inks were waterfast. My response was let’s find out! Running the risk of messing up my favorite tile, I grabbed a water brush and dripped… Continue Reading

Maine Covered in Snow is Beautiful


It is snow season in the north! And we love it here in Maine so much! Good thing! Hahahaha! Some of you have asked about our house. Here it is. And scary as it may sound – most of this snow came in two snowfalls. Both of which lasted for over 12 hours each. Mark… Continue Reading