Articulated Molygon, Hahnemühle and Daler Rowney


Loving this white on color Hahnemühle tile full of articulated molygon!

Remember this tile? It is a Tile from Hahnemühle. I had fun one afternoon coloring a bunch of tiles using Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks. You can see the post I wrote earlier about this particular tile right here

I used a white Gelly Roll pen and added some articulated molygon. This is a really cool, fun way to tangle molygon – those little half circle shapes. Molygon. And then you add some design to the interior. I also used a gold Gelly Roll to add some small details and I love how it looks here. It is funny, my friend Evelyn commented on the original post that she could see some white molygon on this tile. I had already been thinking that – it was like she read my mind. Or . . . more likely she knows me pretty well!

Then I pulled out a white General’s pastel chalk pencil and added in some shading. Shading makes everything look better! Trust me. Hahaha! It really does!

I’d love to see what you do with articulated molygon. Here is a video showing the technique. It is really easy to do. I promise!

You can purchase Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks here
You can purchase Tiles here
You can purchase Gelly Roll Pens here.
The General’s White Chalk Pencil can be bought here.  

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4 thoughts on “Articulated Molygon, Hahnemühle and Daler Rowney

  1. I love this – especially with the golden embellishments of the ‘Therefore’ tangle. I’m just learning to be on the lookout for it as I’d not realised it was an official tangle before. The chalk highlights have really added some pizazz too.

    • you know I am not familiar with the Therefore tangle. I was just making little gold circles. is it a thing? for real?

      • I didn’t know it was a tangle, but I remember therefore from math class. Gee, maybe that new math really does come in handy…..LOL! I just had to wait 40 years…………. hahahahaha

        • haha! that might be where she got the name. as far as I know – I don’t think it’s a tangle. I was just using it to fill in some open areas. 40 years. hahahaha! finally! 🙂

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