New Tangle Technique – Articulated Molygon


Zentangle HQ has released a Kitchen Table Talk video demonstrating a new tangle technique. Molygon has been a tangle for some time now, but the articulated method is a new way of drawing it. Let me show you what I did with the technique. 

It looks difficult but articulated molygon is really simple to draw. Takes some concentration but it isn’t hard. This was the very first one I did. It doesn’t matter which direction you go with your pods, just draw one under the previous one and keep going in any direction you wish. 

I had previously colored some Tiles from Hahnemühle, so I pulled one of those out to add some funky fun-time molygon to. (The color came from Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks.)

And I added some articulated molygon. I like the first one with the blues better, but I thought to try this with pinks and purples. Not my favorite. Hey, they can’t all be favorites! Can they???

For this third one, I pulled out my Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook from Leda Art Supply. This is an amazing little sketchbook! Just the right size for a grab-a-few-minutes-and-draw kind of afternoon! As you can see I used a blue Copic multiliner to tangle up the molygon. I just really like the way the blues look! 

And I just added the molygon until I was done. You know, that time when the drawing screams at you, “I am done!!!” That is when you stop and add shading and highlights. The color background on these pages was done with Ranger Distress Ink pads. A perfect backdrop to the blues in this piece. 

So. How do you start tangling up your own batch of articulated molygon? That’s a super question! You can catch a tutorial video by clicking here

You can purchase Hahnemühle Tiles here.
You can purchase Daler Rowney Acrylic Inks here.
You can purchase Ranger Distress Ink pads here
And you can purchase the Baby Leda here. (It’s on sale.) 

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10 thoughts on “New Tangle Technique – Articulated Molygon

  1. The first is my favourite – looks like the one on the right is eating or chasing the one on the top left! Hmmm – email notifications have stopped coming through, funny thing for they did to start with.

    • thanks for letting me know that. this is going to make me nuts trying to figure this out. tech guy will help us on Monday. in the meantime, I am going to post all the links in the group. it’s my group and I can post links 🙂 hahahahaha! she said hysterically!!!

      • Take care & try not to worry – it’s easy to just check in to your blog until you have it fixed by the techies………… pen & paper was never this difficult – or am I showing my age & thinking everything in the past was ‘golden’???

        • haha! yes, I am trying to remind people they can see it the old-fashioned way. that’s one good thing about the domain name being MY name. if they can remember my name – they can find the site.

    • I played the video and kept stopping it as she showed each step and did just that part. it seemed to help and after that I was able to look at the first one I tangled and remember the steps. but no kidding – it is a bit challenging to get going.

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