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With this new site going live, I realized my existing business cards all had the wrong web address on them. Well, Moo to the rescue! Hahaha!

Quite exciting really! They came in the mail today. I didn’t even realize they were out for delivery! I love Moo for business cards! They offer several options and sizes. I’ve been using their card service for several years now and just really love the quality and the quick service. The cards I opted for this time are called Mini Business Cards – they are 2.75″ x 1.1″ – teeny. What I love about the minis is you can literally have a different piece of art on every card if you want to. I uploaded 27 pieces of art to make my cards. 

I am so happy with them! All the type is on the back and let me tell you what! You have to be real serious about what information goes on the back. Because you can’t cram a whole lot into that small space and have it all be legible. So no superfluous chit chat goes on the back. Hahahaha! Just stick to the basics. 

I am so happy with these little cards. And yes, my artwork looks that bright on them. Love, love, love! They have regular size business cards and I have used their square ones also, as well as sticker labels. Love them all! You can check out Moo right here

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7 thoughts on “Moo Business Cards :)

  1. Loving your new blog Alice. And loving these cards too. So colourful. I had a set of Moo square business cards made up – purely to pop in with my tangle swaps. I had a mini image of some of my favourite tiles put on each. They are so cute!

    • thank you, I am glad you are here. did you ever get the confirmation email? you are one of the people I re-sent it to yesterday. curious if you actually got it. thanks

      • No Alice. No confirmation email. I just checked all folders in case it went to somewhere spamish but nothing. Shall I try re-subscribing? I could try a different email address maybe? Puzzling.

        • no, they had me blocked as a spammer because we got so many subscribers all at once. I’m trying to figure out what to do now. your name is there as unconfirmed. you are good for the giveaway. give me a day to figure out the rest.

  2. Looks like you had enormous fun with picking artwork for this – they look so effective & nobody who’s followed your blog or seen one of your videos would have any doubt that it’s you. I like the idea of the minimal info too – Less is More!

    • hahaha! yes! I do love my bold and bright color! I ordered some square business cards, too. they should be here any day now.

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