Marabu Easy Marble and Hahnemühle ATCs


ATCs – or Artist Trading Cards – are a fun way to trade and collect artwork from artists around the world. I belong to a Facebook group called ATC Trades and Jams. They host trades and swaps on a daily basis and on a regular basis they run events based on a specific topic. Recently I joined in on a trade for cards made with the Letter D in mind. 

What I thought to do was to make an interactive ATC. I had never seen an interactive one, but it couldn’t be that hard. Right? 

I began with a pad of 10 sheets of Bamboo Mixed Media paper from Hahnemühle and some bottles of Marabu Easy Marble Paint. These bamboo papers were the perfect match for the Easy Marble. I couldn’t be happier with the results!  To see a video of the process, you can click here

Using that process, I came up with this sheet of colorized paper close to the correct size for an ATC. The standard for ATCs is 2.5″ x 3.5″, so I trimmed this card down to that size. I love the colors and the strands of paint that collected on the surface. Looks like it would be hard to draw on, but it is not. 

I cut a doorway into the card and used alphabet stamps to add the word Discover – for the letter D prompt. 

Well, the new owner would need something to Discover, so I took a piece of watercolor paper and trimmed it to ATC size. I googled ‘simple earth shapes’ and sketched a rough globe. I used the doorway opening as a guide to make sure my earth was centered in the opening, then outlined the main part of it with a Zebra Zensations Fineliner because it is waterproof. 

Then I used some Schmincke watercolors to add water and continents.  

I added the rest of the sky and used a white Gelly Roll pen to add some stars. Some scor tape attached the watercolor card to the back of the Easy Marbled Bamboo ATC.

The recipient of the ATC would need a way to open that “door to discovery” so I added a brad as a doorknob. Super simple ATC to make. An interactive one even. It’s a win/win all around. And the new owner loved it! 

Easy Marble comes in 22 colors, I got all the bright pretty ones 🙂 . You know I love color! Easy Marble can be purchased here
Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media pads can be purchased here
You can purchase Scor Tape here
And Schmincke watercolors here

If you have a specific art technique or product you would like to learn about, just leave me a comment and I will work on it. I am looking forward to us working together!

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8 thoughts on “Marabu Easy Marble and Hahnemühle ATCs

  1. Hi Alice, I received some easy marble colors and really didn’t know what to do with them until now..yet I have one question..can you tangle on top of them? Thanks for the post

  2. ATCs are such fun & I love your idea of the little door with the brad handle opening on to the galaxy scene with the earth. The marbling really gives a terrific sense of oceans of swirling mist – making me think of God’s creation of the world in Genesis 1………..

    • absolutely! I thought about that as well as I was making this ATC. thinking about the Christian planner I’m working on, too! it all ties together <3

  3. Love this! Love the bright colors!
    Have you done any blogs on resist? Would love to see if you would or have done. TIA

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