Ken Oliver Liquid Watercolor and Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media Cards


You know how much I love playing with color! All types of color media – both wet and dry. A couple weeks ago I received some new Ken Oliver Liquid Watercolors in the mail and today I am going to share with you one simple thing I did with them. So much fun!

First of all let’s talk supplies. Simple and easy. I borrowed this photo of a Ken’s watercolor bottle from Joggles where my watercolors came from. The colors I used are: alizarin crimson, lemon yellow, merlot, orange, violet, ultramarine blue, and phthalo green. I was trying to see what the colors looked like, you don’t necessarily need to have all the colors. I know that, it’s just hard to remember. Haha!

For my base I used the Bamboo Mixed Media cards from Hahnemühle. Their bamboo paper comes in a variety of sizes, these are roughly 3″ x 4″. The perfect size for quick and ready easy artwork. 

Let’s jump right in! I used the alizarin crimson and squished out 4 little drops. I had no problem controlling the amount of liquid that came out. These little bottles were easy to use one drop at a time. 

This little tool is called a noodle brush and I got it from Lindy’s Gang. The little arms are real floppy and wiggle around as much as you want them to. My thought was to drag that floppy little noodle brush through the crimson and disperse it all over the card. 

And it worked great. Is this finished? No. You will see this card show up again later in the post. 

I used two colors for this card – violet and ultramarine blue. I noodled all the violet and some of the blue. That little pop of blue up on the right? I hit that with a shot of water which lightened the color up.

I sprayed water over the entire card and let the colors run and blur some of those sharp lines. Now. A lot of people who tangle do not like their color to be this dark. I don’t typically mind because I see it as a challenge to bring in a white pen (or silver) and do some tangling over the dark. Well, I thought for those that want this color to be lighter – I would show you a little trick. While that color is still wet – use a Kleenex or some similar tissue and blot some of that color up. See how I lifted some blue away in that lower right corner? It is a technique that works great. What if you don’t realize until your color is dry that it is too dark? These colors will reactivate with water. Just spray some water onto the dark area and use your tissue to lift. 

Why do I use a tissue instead of a paper towel? It depends on the effect I want to have. With paper towels – at least with Bounty paper towels – I tend to get a lot of texture. A lot of dots and designs that are on the towels themselves. Sometimes I like that. For this particular card I wanted subtle blotting that would leave some of the underlying color and no dotty texture spots. 

This is what I had when I was done. Yes, I know you are seeing texture lines. Not from a paper towel but from the noodle brush. You can see the actual lines I got from dragging the noodle brush through the violet color. I was able to get rid of a bunch of the darkness, yet save a little. And I love this card at this point. 

Then there’s the issue of that nasty Kleenex. Hahaha! Well, that color on the Kleenex was still wet. So I grabbed that first card I made that was just the alizarin crimson and touched the wet nasty blue tissue on to it to see what would happen. Red isn’t my color so I was willing to sacrifice this tile if this didn’t work out. 

Nice save, Mr. Oliver! I now like this card. With those subtle touches of blue on the red, this is now a warmer color and texture and one that I can live with! The wet tissue also reactivated that red and lifted a bit of it. 

Here is that same blue card from a couple photos up – now completely dry – with a couple additions. I tried a drop of orange and decided I do not like the orange. At least not in combination with these two colors. I took the phthalo green and squeezed a couple lines across the card and just the color run. Worked pretty well in a couple places, not so much in a couple others. So I spritzed some water on those areas that were weak and held the card over a bowl so my carpet wouldn’t get nasty. Eek! Then I just left the card to dry naturally, no heat gun. 

Maybe I didn’t like the orange because I prefer making my own. Here I used the alizarin crimson with the lemon yellow. I began by painting water all over the card. A lot of water because that is how I tend to do things. Then I dropped the colors randomly over the card and let them bloom and merge and blend in the water. I love using red and yellow together because you get a wonderful blend of orange where the two meet. Nothing fancy but it yields awesome results! 

I made a couple other cards, too. You can see I added some yellow runs to that first crimson card. I love how all five Bamboo cards turned out. My plan is to try some tangling on these – if I could just remember where I put them. Hahaha! So I guess you will just have to stay tuned for that end game. 

Overall I loved the liquid watercolors and how they worked. I use a lot of liquid color and Ken Oliver’s held up to the rest of them very well. I see myself using these a lot in the future! How did all that liquid work on the Bamboo Mixed Media cards? Awesomely! (I was going to say ‘swimmingly’ based on the amount of wet I used, hehehehe!) The bamboo paper is 125 lb weight which works well for wet media. They rounded up a little as you can see in that last photo, but when they dried completely the cards were flat. No problem at all. I turn to these cards a lot for trying out various media. I have never been disappointed. 

If you try the technique, I would love to see your results. Need a tangly place to hang out? Come visit me at Tangle All Around on Facebook, we have a very active and friendly group that would love to meet you. 

Interested in some of the product I used? 
You can purchase Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media Cards here
Ken Oliver Liquid Watercolors can be found here
Lindy’s noodle brush is right here

I look forward to seeing you and reading your comments as I try to post daily. (Don’t hold me to that ‘daily’ thing but I will give it my best shot!) If you don’t want to miss a single post, you can fill out this little bit of information and subscribe. Thanks for stopping by! 

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10 thoughts on “Ken Oliver Liquid Watercolor and Hahnemühle Bamboo Mixed Media Cards

  1. The colors are absolutely beautiful!! Very nice.
    Im enjoying the product reviews. The photos are clear and the results stunning. Im excited to create some cards myself to tangle on! Im looking forward to your next Email!! Thanks Alice!

    • thanks, Betty, if you ever want to look at more, just go to the top of the page and click on Product Reviews – there are a bunch there.

  2. Love that top right blue one – that’s my favourite. Can see the orange on top of the blue & purple didn’t do it for you – maybe something to do with colour theory?? & complementary colours going muddy; you got away with it though & I reckon you could make that orange a nice highlight on a tangle – you’ve got my brain working. Thanks for such an informative post.

    • I like that blue one, too! yeah, I’m not much for color theory. I just go with what I like for the most part. I knew when I tried that orange it probably wouldn’t work but I tried anyway . hahahaha

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