Icthus, What a Fun Tangle Pattern!

Inktober has come to a close and I am thrilled to say I was able to complete all 31 days. Just not in 31 days. Hahaha! It actually took me 33 days. Icthus was one of the patterns I chose for my Facebook group Tangle All Around to complete during Inktober. The step outs provided by the designer – Neil Burley – were really hard. I decided to just skip it over and do a different pattern that day. Well, today a member of the group sent me a different set of steps that worked for her – ones she figured out herself. So I tried them.

And Marina was right – her steps were much easier! I used a Hahnemühle YouTangle.art Tile and Zensations Technical Pens every day in October and also for this tile. The color came from Zebra Mildliners that I used as watercolors. Tutorial coming up soon. Promise!

Need a tangle-y place to hang out and practice? Why don’t you head on over to Tangle All Around? We would love to have you join us!

You can purchase YouTangle.art Tiles here.

You can purchase Zensations Technical Pens here

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