Snow Falling in Maine

It is crazy the difference a week makes in Maine! That top photo was literally taken a week ago. It is our back yard here in Linneus, Maine. Just a few days ago, fall was out in full force, beautiful fall leaves were everywhere. The temperatures were dropping but we didn’t expect to wake this morning to that bottom photo. When we went to sleep last night there wasn’t any snow on the ground at all. It had been snowing down around Bangor when we drove there yesterday, but nothing at our home.  

Most of you know we moved from Florida to Maine a couple years ago. I needed to get away from the Florida temps to a cooler climate. It’s a thyroid issue and Maine is much better. Well, I definitely got the cooler temps. Hahahaha! Here is shot of the front yard this morning. There is even more snow out there now. 

We did venture out for our daily breakfast run to the diner. Thankfully it’s only about a mile from the house. We do love the snow, we just weren’t expecting it this early in the season.

Returning home we noticed a tree took a hit last night. We’ve lost 3 others in the past week due to winds. The snow is supposed to continue at 100% through about 8:00 PM tonight. Joy! And the plow truck has a flat tire and a transmission problem. I think we got ripped off with this wonder of a find truck last year. It has been nothing but trouble. Mark is researching online now for other options. You just can’t do Maine without a plow truck. Sigh. At least I have something pretty to watch out my window while I draw. What’s happening weather-wise where you live? 

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