Inktober Tangle Art, Day 25


Hahnemühle Tile for the base, I added color using Twinkling H20s – little pots of sparkling mica-mixed color that shimmer and glimmer and you totally can’t tell that in this photo. Sorry. All the tangling was done with Zensations Technical Pens from Zebra Pen. Pretty much my go-to tile and pens for the entire month of Inktober. The tangle for the 25th was Jackstripes – that one across the middle. It is a really awesome pattern from Chrissie Frampton, a member in my Facebook group – Tangle All Around. To that I added some Printemps and emoballs. I love those little guys! They can have so much personality!

The 25th, you ask? Yes, I realize today is the 29th and I am just now posting day 25. Actually this is as current as I have been able to get. I have been busily running giveaways in my group Tangle All Around with product provided to me by Zebra Pen and Hahnemühle. I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra and I do product reviews for Hahnemühle. It is so amazing to me that they believe in my art enough to provide me with wonderful giveaway items for my group. I will tell you more about the giveaways in another post, but for now just know I had 2,426 separate entries between all the giveaways. I was plenty busy keeping track of numbers and not tangling for Inktober. I am still going to try to finish the rest of the 31 days of tangle patterns, though. 

Curious about those tiles and pens?

You can purchase the Tiles here.

You can purchase the Zensations Technical Pens here

Need a tangle place to hang out, be encouraged and stretch your tangle wings? Come on over to Tangle All Around by clicking here and I will open the door for you! Look forward to meeting you <3 

2 thoughts on “Inktober Tangle Art, Day 25

    • hi Marlene, I usually do the color first, let it dry really well, then buff it with a paper towel – to get any loose particles off before I do the tangling. the one exception would be if I used alcohol inks – no buffing those. and hey, I’m glad you are here and looking around. thank you 🙂

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